Mail Bag: Questions from an A-Levels Student in the UK

Stone a

ShareTweet I had the following exchange with a student in the UK about ‘Christian Religion in Harry Potter.’ I have the student’s permission to re-print it here but s/he prefers to remain anonymous. Dear Sir, I am a student studying in England and am currently taking my A-levels. As part of this corse I am taking […]

Call For Proposals– Critical Insights: The Hunger Games


ShareTweet Listen up, Serious Readers of The Hunger Games! Lana Whited, editor of two of the most important collections of critical work on the Hogwarts Saga is now soliciting contributions to a work about Katniss Everdeen’s dystopian adventures. You want to send her a proposal — and you only have until 15 March to get it […]

Shared Text: Jon Stewart Tags Putin as Dark Lord

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ShareTweet Can Russian kleptocrat Vladimir Putin fairly be likened to a certain murderous Heisman Trophy winner in the death of Boris Nemtsov? Or is he really like a certain twisted wizard? (At 4:00 in video.) The murder of Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov, right outside the Kremlin in the heart of Moscow, has prompted a […]

Two New Books from J. K. Rowling and Two BBC Blockbusters!


ShareTweet How about that! Two new books from J. K. Rowling and great forward progress on the teevee productions of her two Post-Potter efforts! Big news, right? Fandom marking dates for midnight release parties? Well, not really. I’m afraid few stores will even carry the books in question, not to mention celebrate their publication, and […]

Guest Post: Hermi Emma and Beauty Belle — Lady of the Rings?

Beauty and Beast Ring

ShareTweet This Guest Post and brilliant ring exegesis is from Susan Raab (, a marketing strategist, high-conversion copywriter and best selling ghostwriter who not-so-secretly (she told me!) prefers reading the latest HogPro recommendation late into the night, or teaching another “Christian Content in Harry Potter” class for her contemplative prayer group, or architecting ring structure […]

Discovery of Historical Inspiration for Tolkien’s One Ring


ShareTweet has published the fascinating story of a golden ring from Roman Britain and of two Pembroke College, Oxford, professors who were part of the effort to trace its origins. What’s intriguing about it, at least for serious readers of fantasy fiction, is that these two professors were R. G. Collingwood, archaeologist and dean […]

Hunger Games: Dr. Amy H. Sturgis on the Dystopian Tradition


ShareTweet Wonderful opportunity for Hunger Games fans who are students — Dr Amy H. Sturgis, Potter Pundit and All-Around Literary Lioness, is offering a free lecture series this Spring! Read what she sent me about it: On the weekends of March 28/29 and April 11/12, I’ll be offering a free interactive, multimedia lecture series – hotel […]

Shared Text: Dilbert Wand Lore and Dementor Pizza Delivery

Dilbert Wand


Blessed Feast of Nativity: Chanting from an Orthodox Convent

ShareTweet The nuns of the St Elizabeth the Grand Duchess Convent in California have recorded a CD of their Christmas chanting. To learn more about it, click here.

Santa’s Mail Bag and John’s Answers for a Christmas Post


ShareTweet Merry Christmas, Serious Readers! Here are some letters and responses for your joyous Noel! Dear Mr.Granger, I’ve just read your book Harry Potter’s bookshelf and I want to share some opinions with you. Besides, I hope I can get some advice for reading. I’m N—–, a senior high school student from China. Before reading […]