The Good, the Bad, and the Golden: Elizabeth’s Movie Thoughts on Eclipse

This past Saturday, I collected two of my prize pupils and fellow Twilight deep-thinkers Autumn and Sarah Jane (who both lurk here regularly, but need to post, hint, hint), and we went to see Eclipse. We had a wonderful experience and enjoyed talking about the film afterward, so I’ll be including some of their insights and observations in my thoughts on the movie. Of course, we can’t cover every angle, but we’ll hit some high spots. As we like the deep waters here, I thought we’d start with some of the richer elements, then move on to more superficial issues. [Read more…]

The Inevitable HogPro Eclipse Movie Post

Many folks here have seen the Eclipse film by now (along with the rest of the nation!), and perhaps even stood in ridiculous lines. Others of us are waiting for things to calm down a bit a before we brave the Cineplex (that’s me). In any case, we wanted a spot here at HogwartsProfessor for folks to post their thoughts on the film as an adaptation of the text (read: not to gush over the physiques of actors 🙂 ) after they’ve seen it.

Because the Twilight books are narrated by a single character, while a film can and almost always does show several perspectives, and because Meyer made the Bree Tanner manuscript available to the film makers and actors, the relationship between the text and screen may be particularly interesting.

  • For the serious readers here who have seen the film, what changes from the text do you find most or least effective?
  • For those not yet clutching your ticket stubs, what are you anticipating or dreading?

But wait, There’s More! Voyage of the Dawn Treader Trailer

In all our fuss and dither over the big Eclipse premiere today and the tempting new Deathly Hallows  trailer, we mustn’t forget another upcoming treat. The official Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer is available now. I’m delighted to see the scene with the picture, but no sneak peeks of Eustace as a dragon, perhaps to avoid the inevitable HP comparisons.  I’m really curious to see if the last few pages of the book, some of the most powerful in the Chronicles, will make it to the screen. And what is with the Hollywood trailer makers and the giant letter title thing at the end?

The Trailer Madness Begins!

Check out the brand new Deathly Hallows teaser trailer above! After the MTV tease was yanked, maybe this one will stick around until the next, more tempting morsel.

Thoughts? Criticism? Shrieks of horror or delight? What do you think of seeing bits from both halves, including the big finale? The dragon is white — hurrah! Personally, I’ll be scouring the stores to get a smart suit like Hermione appears to be sporting this time around. You?

Weird and Wonderful Time at Waldenbooks

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of doing a signing for Twilight and History at the nearby Waldenbooks. Fortunately, it was not an experience like Parnell Hall describes in his absolutely hilarious song  and video about how depressing it is to have a book signing that no one attends. Every author has had these, I imagine (I certainly have). My husband still dines out on the story of the signing at  Barnes and Noble when he was elated to find four people waiting for him to get there, and they were the only ones who showed up the whole time!  We had a steady crowd, including one dear thing who looked at the book, looked at me, then said, in motherly tones, “Well, I’ve never read your books, but my daughter and her friends are just crazy about them.” She seemed rather startled when I assured her I was not actually Stephenie Meyer. (That was the weird part) [Read more…]