Running of the Harrys in the Future?

Last week in Key West, folks celebrated what would have been Ernest Hemingway’s 110th birthday with their annual Hemingway Days, a week-long celebration of all things Hemingway, including a look-alike contest, writing competition, and, my personal favorite, the running of the Hemingways, sort of like the  running of the bulls in Pamplona, only with all the Hemingway wannbes instead of bovines. Considering the heat in Florida in July and the fact that most folks go in for the later-in-life Hemingway look, it might actually be more dangerous than the bull running. I hope EMTs were on hand.

What does this spectacle have to do with our discussions here? Well, after enjoying watching all the great character impersonators at Infinitus (I don’t go in for that myself, but I really enjoy observing. I should just wear a sign that says, “Nope, these are just my regular clothes”), I noticed a few interesting trends. While some characters have many folks who want to adopt their look, others seemed absent; completely missing, unless I missed her, was anyone dressed up as Rowling herself. Which leads me to wonder how we will honor her in future years. Will people want to have Rowling make-overs? Is there a big future in Rowling impersonators, or will we be content to mug as the characters she has created? [Read more…]

Infinitus Update

Infinitus is going fantastically! John had two presentations today, both of which had large, excellent audiences who were attentive, asked great questions, and bought lots of books! Those of you who have been to one of John’s programs know how super they are, and these were no exception.

It was great to visit with all the Potter Pundits in person, who take the stage tomorrow for a joint session! I also enjoyed meeting some of the wonderful folks we get to chat with here at Hog Pro. Tomorrow, it’s another great day of programming, with me bringing up the rear! If you are at Infinitus and haven’t said hi yet, come introduce yourself! Stay tuned for more from Sunny Florida! I’m off to run through my paper one more time, and I think John may still be in line over at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I hear the butterbeer is choice.

Infinitus Draws Near!

This weekend, John and I are both participating in Infinitus in Orlando, FL, being put on by the lovely HPEF folks. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in The Witching Hour in Salem five years ago, and I know John has enjoyed the HPEF events in which he has participated, too. If you are going to be at Infinitus, come and say hi! Look for the dapper gent in the bow tie or the short and very pale mountain lady.

Here is the official website , so you can see what’s going on, or if you can’t make it, what you’ll be missing! As you can see, there will be a little bit of everything, and we’ll have a hard time deciding whose presentations to see!

Here’s a little sneak preview of the presentations we’ll be giving. [Read more…]

Twilight News Site Podcast with John Granger and Elizabeth Baird Hardy: Eclipse and Bree

Last week, John and I had the pleasure of chatting at great length with James over at Twilight News Site, who has now posted the first part of that conversation. It’s a great discussion, if I say so myself, covering everything from the literary and spiritual underpinnings of Eclipse, to history, to Bree Tanner. We had a great time, and we hope you’ll enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoyed the conversation! The next three parts of the podcast will appear in the coming week, so you’ll have time to make it through each segment at a time. Enjoy!

The Good, the Bad, and the Golden: Elizabeth’s Movie Thoughts on Eclipse

This past Saturday, I collected two of my prize pupils and fellow Twilight deep-thinkers Autumn and Sarah Jane (who both lurk here regularly, but need to post, hint, hint), and we went to see Eclipse. We had a wonderful experience and enjoyed talking about the film afterward, so I’ll be including some of their insights and observations in my thoughts on the movie. Of course, we can’t cover every angle, but we’ll hit some high spots. As we like the deep waters here, I thought we’d start with some of the richer elements, then move on to more superficial issues. [Read more…]