Rowling Pranked by Russian Comedians

Rowling, Inc., must be scrambling today in hopes of spinning what is perhaps the most embarrassing public gaffe by The Presence on record. In brief, a duo of Russian comedians named Vovan and Lexus were able to record a Zoom conversation with Rowling in which one played the part of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky; they not only fooled Rowling’s handlers but the author also clearly believed, despite the increasingly absurd requests made by the faux Zelensky, that she was speaking to the real deal.

TheRowlingLibrary summarized the humiliating call this way:

The prankster, claiming to be Zelenskyy, asked J.K. Rowling if it was possible to impose any sanctions on Russian actor Aleksandr Kuznetsov, who played Helmut in the latest Fantastic Beasts movie, at which the author replies “Fantastic Beasts has been a very interesting experience. I’ll certainly talk to people and see what we can do.” Later on, they explained to the author that Harry Potter’s scar looks like the “Z”, the symbol used by the Russian on their military vehicles, and ask her to change it to the Ukrainian trident. Rowling took notes and said “I will look at that. It might be good for me to do something with that myself on social media, because I think that will get into the newspapers.”

The conversation continued and the prankster told J.K. Rowling that they were writing “Avada Kedavra” on the Ukrainian missiles. They also asked for Boris Johnson’s gender and if Dumbledore was really gay. Then, they turned their webcam on to introduce the “The Order of Ukrainian Phoenix”, which was none other than a group of people pranking Rowling: their t-shirts said “Only Putin!” in Russian. To end the prank, the fake Zelenskyy asked Rowling to say “hello” to his two favourite Russian writers, Vovan and Lexus.

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Tarantino Talks to Illustrator Thom Taylor

Patricio Tarantino of (TRL) interviewed Thomas Taylor, the illustrator who created the first cover of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone twenty-five years ago. Enjoy!

Clinton Interview: What Sense Does It Make to Depict JK Rowling as a Fascist?

Hillary Clinton’s interview in The Financial Times was published last Friday and it included a mention of J. K. Rowling and efforts by transgender zealots to blacklist and ostracize the author as a transphobe and bigot.

The failed presidential candidate noted that the future looks very bleak for democracy in the United States because there is a growing consensus that voters in the November elections will be expressing their disappointment with their representatives (she neglects to explain why this puts democracy in danger because it is exactly how representative republics are designed to work).

How did J. K. Rowling, a British author living in Scotland, enter this prophecy? From The Daily Mail reporting of Clinton’s conversation with The Financial Times‘ Edward Luce: [Read more…]

Highgate is New Rowling Twitter Header

Rowling switched out her Twitter page ‘header’ this morning with a shot from Highgate Cemetery. For a history of her Twitter headers and the relationship with the work we learned later she was writing, see Nick Jeffery’s comprehensive posts on those subjects, All J. K. Rowling’s Twitter Headers and The Rowling Headers – in Context. For thoughts about the April header just replaced, read about it at New Rowling Forest Twitter Header: Beasts 4, Strike 7, or Project X?

Oxford’s Beatrice Groves, author of Literary Allusion in Harry Potter, wrote about Highgate Cemetery most recently in her post, The King of Beasts: Fantastic Beasts and the Beast Within, and will share her thoughts here tomorrow on this new picture, to include ideas about what it suggests about Rowling’s current project. Stay tuned!

Why Rowling Cares about ‘Transitioning’

J. K. Rowling today re-tweeted a thread by a transgender man in which he details the agonies of his irreversible decision to transition surgically from ‘man’ to ‘woman.’ She then re-tweeted a gay man’s response in which he said, “This is why @jkrowling speaks out.” So much of the original thread was deleted by twitter censors that Rowling tweeted this link to an archived posting of the complete piece in its graphic thoroughness. 

Rowling is asked with regularity why she cares so much about the issue of transgenderism and the transitioning of children, to which she responds, “Why don’t you care about this?” That children and adolescents are being allowed to transition chemically and via surgery with its irreversible and radical effects on their lives thereafter is clearly a call to action, to the barricades, for an author who has repeatedly and consistently portrayed the love of God in her work via the selfless and sacrificial love of a mother for her children.

If you want a one-stop tweet to explain Rowling’s anger about the rush to transition children and adolescents, TullipR’s thread is it, as Rowling’s re-tweets today demonstrate.

After the jump, follow-up on the latest news about Ezra Miller, now on the run from the law.

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