New Mockingjay Film Trailer: “For Prim”

If you can watch this without getting teary-eyed, seek psychiatric help immediately.

Allegiant Part II Becomes Ascendant

FIN01_Allegiant_Tsr_Online-mtv-1441889472A surprise announcement came from the Divergent movie franchise: that it would break the Deathly Hallows and Mockingjay tradition and bestow a new title on the second Allegiant film: Ascendant. Furthermore, they released two posters with the film taglines: for Allegiant, “Break the boundaries of your world,” and for AscendantThe end is never what you expect.” The posters are simple:  black with glowing blue faction-style symbols.  Allegiant’s is a wave, reminiscent of the book cover; Ascendant’s is a never-before- seen DNA symbol. [Read more…]

The Hunger Games: Shared text and First Family Favorite?

President Obama joked about the number of candidates jumping into the 2016 Presidential fray, remarking that there are almost enough for a Hunger Games.  This isn’t the first time he has referred to the popular franchise; he mentioned it back at the 2013 Thanksgiving turkey pardon. Barack-Obama-shopping-in--005And we know Sasha and/or Malia were reading it as far back as 2010. The question is, did their father borrow their copy, or glean his knowledge from the movies?

In any case, I think Trump and Christie get cast as the Careers.

First issue of Study & Scrutiny now online

scholarshipThe first issue of the new peer-reviewed Young Adult Literature journal, Study & Scrutiny, is now online.  According to the editors, the journal is intended to meet “a need for a new publishing outlet focused on extensive empirical and critical studies around YAL.”

I am happy to report that I have an article “Harry Potter and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual” in the inaugural issue.  There are multiple other articles, as well, so everyone make like Hermione and head to the library!

Call-for-papersFurthermore, the deadline for submitting articles for the next edition is September 1st.  I know we have a variety of scholars at various career levels among our readers; please consider contributing!



Insurgent Movie Strays from Book, but Strangely Satisfies.

Insurgent posterI went into the Insurgent film without a lot of high hopes.  I came out quite surprised at how much I liked it, and even more surprised by the reason.  Because it was the same reason that usually has me hating movie adaptations of favorite books.  Because the filmmakers deviated so much from the source material.  At the end of the day, this was an action movie loosely based on Roth’s Insurgent, not Insurgent:the Movie.  If you are expecting as faithful a book adaptation as the Harry Potter and Hunger Games franchises, or even the first Divergent movie, you will be disappointed.  The percentage of book-congruent material is closer to that of the Little House TV series. But remarkably, the film mostly worked for me.

To be fair up front, every worry I expressed in my comments on the trailers came true.  Except the one about the train.  Turns out Four did have a good reason for leaping in front of the train. But I digress.  Spoilers ahead, after the jump.


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