Another writer notes the Divergent-Personality test link.

See? It’s not just me….

Laura Moss of Mother Nature Network has written a fascinating article linking the Factions of Divergent, the Houses of Hogwarts, the Breakfast Club and Buzzfeed quizzes to personality theory and people’s need to define themselves.   Please discuss! Does the quick-and-easy “sorting” of the protagonists into “the simplest terms, the most convenient definitions” explain the popularity of Tris (and Katniss and Harry), especially for adolescents who are seeking their own identity?  Is this why Facebook abounds with quizzes that claim to tell us which Broadway Musical or Starship Enterprise captain we really are, with a few clicks of the mouse?

What Muppet are you?

FYI:  This is the most fitting Buzzfeed result I ever got:  You are….  Scooter!  Your life is all about coffee.  You are real, really good at your job and deserve more recognition. In addition, I am Atticus Finch, Jadzia Dax, The Circle of Life and Fraulein Maria.

Divergent Movie: First Impressions

It was a beautiful snowy night in beautiful downtown Staunton, Virginia, when, inspired by Elizabeth Baird Hardy’s outings with her Hunger Games readers, a colleague and I went with about 60 Mary Baldwin psychology students to see Divergent at  the historic Dixie theater.  Granted, it was March 25th, a few days after the movie’s big opening weekend, and, at that time of year, a beautiful spring evening would have been far more appropriate, but that wasn’t going to spoil our fun.

Judging from both the turnout for the film and the comments afterwards, this was a movie the students were eagerly anticipated and which lived up to their expectations.  Since my colleague is teaching personality psychology this term, we could not resist indoctrinating them on the Five Factor Hypothesis. But, with their finals coming up in only a couple of weeks, I figure the odds of the students remembering what O.C.E.A.N stands for are a bit more in their favor now.  At least two students have told me they were inspired to read the series now, which is always a desirable outcome.

Spoilers, ho!

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Another Hogwarts Professor Study: Readers of YA Fiction

Dr. Louise Freeman of the Mary Baldwin Psychology Department seeks readers of young adult fiction for a personality study. This study will require you to fill out a brief (15 minute) personality survey. Participants must be at least 13 years old and a fluent speaker of English. The study is approved by the Institutional Review Board of Mary Baldwin College.   Many thanks for your help!

Young Adult Literature Conference and Seminar

Registration opens soon for a Young Adult Literature Conference and Seminar at Louisiana State University, to be held June 2-6 for interested middle and high school teachers, graduate students, academics and other scholars interested in Young Adult Literature.  I will be teaching one of the short courses: Divergent Thinking: Psychology and Neuroscience as Keys to Understanding Roth’s Dystopian World and presenting a breakout session on some Harry Potter related topic.  I am sure the website will be listing the rest of the topics and sessions soon.

Please let me know if any Hogpro regulars would like to attend!

Survey for Divergent fans

Louise Freeman is conducting another survey on empathy, this time for fans of Veronica Roth’s Divergent series.  Please help out by going to this link and answering 15-20 minutes worth of questions.  Anyone 13 years old or older and a native speaker of English is eligible!  Many thanks!