The All-New, Even Better MuggleNet?

We’ll learn a lot more I hope on 5 February, this coming Wednesday.

She equates the “passionate partners” that helped MuggleNet staff escape Dose Media and founder Emerson Spartz with the Weasley twins. Forgive me for dreading the possibility that this means Dan Fogler and Ezra Miller are now decision makers at MNet!

My best guess is that the new partners are Macmillan publishers, with whom MNet is coming out with a Character Compendium — a Harry Potter Lexicon by a different name? — in the coming months. Media Lab Books is the Macmillan imprint and they seem a good match for the projects Kat Miller mentions.

The good news? MuggleNet will soon be back online with all its Reading, Writing, Rowling podcasts from Katy Mcdaniel and the Bertholda’s Notebook posts by Beatrice Groves. They’re free at last from the profiteering Spartz and his click-bait empire.

The scary part? We don’t know yet who the new partners are or their relationship with the MNet leadership and staff.

See you Wednesday for an update!

The Strange Case of the Missing Fan Site is the Coke to’s Pepsi in Harry Potter fandom. The site is the click bait tool of Emerson Spartz, founder and CEO of Spartz Media, now Dose (see the 2015 New Yorker profile: ‘The King of Clickbait’ for all you need to know about him). Though primarily aimed at the movie, memorabilia, and phone app-gaming focused tribes within the Hogwarts Horde, MuggleNet has hosted both the MuggleNet Academia and Reading, Writing Rowling podcasts and Beatrice Groves’ ‘Bathilda’s Notebook’ entries for serious readers of J. K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith.

The news? This website has been down without explanation since 13 December 2019.

The home page offers the following explanation:  [Read more…]

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