DH:II Movie Countdown–Remember when….

Now that we know the complete Harry Potter story from beginning to end, it is sometimes hard to remember just what a big part of our lives was once consumed with making predictions about how it all would end, how we spent those years between books feverishly speculating. In fact, my husband was not sure we should let our son read the whole series beginning to end, since we had to endure that dreadful interlibrum (wait between volumes). In fact, that wait has led me to since swear off beginning any series that was not yet complete (I did cheat for Hunger Games, since I started just a few months before Mockingjay).  The wait for the last film isn’t so tough, of course, as we know how it goes, but it is fun to look back at how we spent our time about four years ago. This fun post looks back at the many predictions made by scholars and readers before the release of the final volume, and includes votes and comments for the best, most accurate, and just plain wackiest pre-publication predictions.  Enjoy! And keep those suggestions coming about posts you would like to see released from the past!

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