Film Week Follow-Up:Fellowship, Freebies, and Fisticuffs

So now most folks who plan to see the film of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have done so (some more than once), and many of you have shared your insights and thoughts in our wonderful conversation. Thanks! This week, here are some follow-up thoughts not on the film so much as on the experience of going to the movie. Join us after the jump for stories, positive and negative, on movie-going experiences, what people are doing now, and the opportunity to share your own stories of seeing the film or your plans for what’s next!

Since we shared the plans Melanie Lee, friend of this blog, had for using the film premiere as an opportunity to share the Gospel, she has graciously passed along the links to her after-action reports on Facebook. It sounds like she had a lovely time at the big premiere July 11, and she even got to see some of the stars as she handed out her cards and visited with fans. On July 15, she visited with fans in line for the midnight premiere and lightened the tension with her fantastic Umbridge impression (she went with a cooler version for summer!), her “Mudblood” pamphlets, cards, and sweeties. Thanks Melanie, for your creative evangelism and encouragement! There is no telling how far your simple acts of kindness went.
On a far less positive note, while I was in Orlando for Leaky-Con, I heard that one of the theaters in town had a bit of trouble during all the hoopla. A family member, who was called to the scene in an official capacity, reported that a woman who was not getting into the spirit of things began making fun of a filmgoer dressed as Hermione. Instead of jinxing the offending Muggle, “Hermione” used her famous fisticuffs techniques perfected on Draco Malfoy, and the naysayer was somewhat injured in the ensuing melee. Personally, I don’t think anyone should mess with a woman who carries that beaded bag. It must weigh a ton, and would serve as a very effective bludgeoning tool. Let’s hope the ladies in question were able to solve their differences without involving Obliviators or The Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. No word on whether charges were filed.
So, hopefully most of us are not taking out our sadness at the advent of the last film by assaulting the unsupportive public. Here’s a great idea for those of you in the Philadelphia area: Come celebrate Harry’s 31st birthday with ice cream! The Potterdelphians are sponsoring this fun event! Find out more here, and, if you go, please pass my regards to Harry and his well-wishers in the city of Brotherly Love!
Please share your own experiences, and let’s hope they are more of the kindly visits and ice cream variety!


  1. I can really only blame Peeves for my experiences seeing “Deathly Hallows, Part I” and “Deathly Hallows, Part II”.

    Let’s start with Part I in November. I was sitting in the theater for the midnight release, anxiously watching as Dobby appeared in the basement of Malfoy manor. Suddenly, the film began to flicker and bubble and everything went dark. The projector had jammed and the film caught on fire. We sat around for a half-hour and never got to see the ending. A second viewing revealed that the film burst into flames 5 a mere 5 minutes before the end. Peeves!

    Now let’s move forward to Par II. I’m sitting in the theater for the midnight release, anxiously watching Harry battle Voldemort. The elder wand flies out of Voldy’s hand, he begins to flake away, and the film begins to flicker and bubble and everything goes dark! The proejctor jammed and the film caught on fire…AGAIN! A second viewing revealed that, lo and behold, there were only 5 minutes left before the end.

    I’m not taking Peeves to the movies anymore.

  2. Oh my gosh – Jess, that is horrible!
    We were so fortunate to see Part I opening night in London. It was right by where they filmed the scene where they disapperated after the wedding. Then we went on a HP walking tour to see the Leaky Cauldron from the first movie (it’s really a blue front), inspirational alleys for Diagon Alley and of course Platform 9-3/4. The coolest part about the theater in London was that it had assigned seats – it kept away the mad rush for seats!

    I will miss terribly the wait for the next book; it was such a fun part of the experience and once in a lifetime.

  3. My husband and I were to be traveling on the 15th and while he generously offered to attend the midnight release, I deferred to a time-to-be-named later. SO glad I did! Muggles of all ages filled the theatre; by the reactions of many, not all had read the books (Gasps when the dead are revealed, Snape’s demise, etc). Seating was tight…the young men sitting beside us eventually moved toward the center of our row to allow another couple seat space. Fortunately for me, the second row-sharer-to-my left was a Potter BOOK fan and we spent a few minutes exchanging favorite/disappointing DH-1 moments as they related to canon.

    Not that the first two youths were not Potter Fans; they had just not read the books (“Too hard” said the older of the two) and both preferred the movie experience. Sigh.

    I was a slightly disappointed in the lack of crowd enthusiasm. I, myself, laughed out loud, clapped in all the “right” places, and quoted a few book lines as they occurred! After the lights came up and the crowds thinned, I apologized to my seatmate for the spontaneous outbursts and made some ridiculous comment referencing “family,” infrequent theatre attendance,” and “inability to keep quiet.” He laughed it off; my husband just grinned and nodded his balding Muggle pate.

    We are going to see the movie again in the near future. One of these days my husband will read the books and understand my frustrations! All in all…a great date night!

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