Ink Black Heart Audio Snippet Online!

Strike super fans The Tottenham have posted the first five minutes of the Ink Black Heart audio book read by Robert Glenister. Thank you Sue for the tip-off! As well as this leak there are lots of shenanigans from our ersatz characters on Twitter. Tune in tomorrow for an update!


  1. I will be honest, even after somebody on this site indicated that the Ritz bar has a Leda mural, I still did not believe that IBH would start in the same location where TB ended. Well, there that goes! So very interesting. Also interesting that the conversation would revolve around Prudence. Clearly she’ll be more of a character in this book. Expect she’ll appear in person. A Jungian therapist – I’m hazy on my psychological definitions – I wonder what kind of implication that will have on the plot!

    I also confess myself slightly nervous. Strike and Robin happy and tipsy together in a posh bar feels like a bit of a set up and I will admit to NOT really wanting them to hook up in a romantic sense. I don’t think their journey is there yet and I don’t want too much romantic crap (sorry!) taking up precious book space that should be devoted to detective stuff! I don’t want them to go through a Harry/Ginny kind of process where getting closer to the heart of the central mystery of the book will probably require Strike to split up with Robin only to get back together after the end. The end of CoE was painful enough!

    Anyway… only my thoughts. Not sure if you want any spoilers on this page and do feel free to not approve this comment if you’d rather the discussion stayed more aseptic. Not long to go now!

  2. Percy Lish says

    First (to-some-extent) inconsistency: two-black-eyes after the interview was described as ‘a few weeks previously’. However, that is actually five months ago.

  3. Elisa,

    I’m going to forego listening to the first chapter for the sake of getting the whole story on paper at once. With that said, if what you say is true about Jungian psychology being a factor, then that’s just music to my ears.

  4. Louise Freeman says

    Thanks, Percy! We will start an “error log” post when the book is published and can definitely put that on the list. You are quite right, “a few months” would have been more accurate.

  5. Louise Freeman says

    For US Apple Book readers: The preview there has a few more sentences of the conversation.

  6. Thank you for the Apple Books tip! The Instagram post seems to be gone, and it was going to make me crazy that some people got to hear it and I didn’t! The Apple Books preview is still there, though!

  7. David Llewellyn Dodds says

    A Jungian therapist – real-world tie-ins? What were, e.g., Drs. Peterson and Ashenden (a Charles Williams scholar, among other things) doing at the time of action?

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