J. K. Rowling and the I Ching

No sooner than the excitement for J. K. Rowling’s new Twitter header died down, then as a further mark of her esteem for @CormStrikeFan, a new header has been posted!

This time we have a portion of a mandala constructed along the principles of I Ching divination.


I am sadly ignorant of bot the I Ching and Carl Jung, but Jung is said to have taken an interest in the system, so this may be related to Jungian psychology.

Even to the most biased eye, it is obvious that this book represents one long admonition to careful scrutiny of one’s own character, attitude, and motives

Jung quoted in: Smith, Richard J. (2012). The I Ching: A Biography.



  1. Bold prediction: Cormoran will take a Myers-Briggs personality test!

    Hmm… I wonder what his results would be?

    ISFJ would be my guess. Even though some may assume T over F, I would argue that he’s shown enough of an emotionally-driven instinct in making a lot of deductions in his cases (Career of Evil is a perfect example).

  2. Louise Freeman says

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