Nick Jeffery – The Running Grave Review

The Running Grave is another mammoth of a book at well over nine hundred pages in the print edition, and with the audio book over 34 hours, this is the longest book of the series. At this rate we have 3,000 pages left in the Strike-Ellacott saga, which is only 400 short of the whole Harry Potter canon.

Despite it’s size the pace of the book clips along at a fair rate of knots, helped by a good deal nervous energy and excitement. The cast of thousands never seemed oppressive, being neatly compartmentalised between the UHC, the agency, the families and clients. I found myself having to resist the urge read too quickly (as I did with The Ink Black Heart to the detriment of my enjoyment of that book). Straight out of the gate this is my favourite of the series by some margin, and after four days reading the print and digital edition, I am now re-reading via the Robert Glenister narrated audiobook.

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