It’s On! North Carolina Locations for Hunger Games Filming

According to the News in Asheville, North Carolina, the much-anticipated film adaptation of The Hunger Games will be filmed, at least partly, in “Cool, Green Asheville.” Other North Carolina sites purported to be targeted for filming are Charlotte and Shelby. Asheville officials have confirmed some locations around the city are being used for a movie; they won’t say what movie, however, even though the film’s producer has been sighted around town. In case you think this is speculation — the sign at one such location says “Ludus”; for those who may not be Latin-speakers, “ludus” means “game” in the language of ‘Bread and Circuses,’ so that’s probably a good indication that Asheville, or part of it, is District 12.

The old armory, one site the city says is being used by a film company, would be an awesome Hob, while many of the lovely art deco buildings around the city have an air of antiquity and faded grandeur that would make a fantastic justice building or backdrop for the Reaping. I’m quite partial to the First Baptist Church, with a grand dome that makes most visitors initially assume it’s a Catholic church!

The imposing edifice of the Biltmore Estate might also be used for President Snow’s digs at some point (When I visualized Katniss wandering through the mansion, with its greenhouses, in Mockingjay, it was Biltmore I saw).

Charlotte boasts a modern skyline that would make a swell Capitol (with a little CGI); since the Capitol is in the Rockies, they’d need to drop in some snow-capped peaks in the background, as the Appalachian Mountains are too far from town to be seen most of the time (Though here in the Appalachians, we can see the Charlotte skyline from Grandfather Mountain on unusually clear days.)

Shelby is an interesting choice. They do have a great old court house, very similar to ours here in Avery County, that would make a great Justice Building (it has a dome, like the one in District 11). Also, it’s conveniently close to Charlotte and to Asheville as well as many great outdoor sites like the King’s Mountain Battlefield (wouldn’t that be great? A Revolutionary War battlefield used for a movie about revolution!). All three towns are close to great outdoor locations, like those we discussed a while back, which would work well for the Arena and District 12. The soundstage in Wilmington will be used for non-location shooting. Of course, I am already taking names of the students and faculty members who want to join me on the District 12 road trip to filming locations, and, if we get any information or pictures, we’ll pass them along! As always, we look forward to your comments and feedback.


  1. The really big Domed Church in Asheville — and, yes, I lived there for two years — isn’t First Baptist but the Basilica of St. Lawrence which is a Catholic Church. It is a big part of the downtown area and the city’s history.

    The Spanish Renaissance Revival style Church of St. Lawrence contains no beams of wood or steel in the entire building; all walls, floors, ceilings and pillars are of tile or other masonry materials. The center dome, which has a clear span of 58 by 82 feet, is reputed to be the largest freestanding elliptical dome in North America. The roof is tile with a copper covering.

    Click here and here for two ‘wow’ pictures of its interior.

    I’m looking forward to reading these filming reports from our HogPro on the spot and her lieutenants around Carolina!

  2. Elizabeth says

    Actually, both FBC and St. Lawrence have swell domes (It’s just that one expects that on a Catholic church!). What a town! FBC even has a cute little matching one on the playground. Here are the websites for both houses of worship, which have even more wow! pics
    Not sure how the church folks would feel about filming on their campuses, and I’m sure Asheville’s Wolfe (and his Angel) would have something to say!

  3. I was waiting on the ‘Can’t Go Home Again’ reference. Do you think there’s any echo of this in the Mockingjay final chapters?

    Me neither. But, hey, Wolfe is buried there. Maybe they’ll sneak in a graveyard shot…

    You nailed the Armory for the Hob and the Biltmore for the President’s Ball, I think. Great post!

  4. Elizabeth says

    Front page news on the Asheville Citizen times today! Good article, although they do make the mistake of saying Winter’s Bone is set in Appalachia, when it’s in the Ozarks, but that’s a common media gaffe; remember the Beverly Hillbillies? They’re from the Ozarks, not Appalachia!

  5. I’m actually a performing arts student at an Avery County college, and a HUGE fan of the Hunger Games series. I don’t think you have any idea how exciting this rumor is!!

  6. I am going to Asheville later this week, and I think that Biltmore’s woods would be amazing for the location, and that the house itself could be amazing as Snow’s house!!

  7. Bring an umbrella, Lailey, the Gamemakers are sending us storms.

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