Let the Hunger Games Begin, Again!

Image result for new hunger games novelJust last month, we were wondering what Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games Trilogy (among other achievements) might be up to these days. ‘Whatever Happened to Suzanne Collins?’ It turns out, she’s not just been playing sudoku or puttering in the yard (or imitating her creations to tramp through the woods or bake).  We have been hoping that she was writing. Earlier this week, the formal announcement came that confirmed our hopes but which also confirmed some of the fascinating metatextual concerns that have always run under the trilogy: concerns about artistry, yes, but also concerns about control and gamesmanship. Collins is set to roll out a new addition to the story of Panem, a prequel, since, of course, the Games Trilogy is just that, a trilogy, three books, no more, no less, emphasizing the triptych focus so central to the story. Set 64 years before the Games that Katniss and Peeta “win,” this new offering will doubtless cover the Dark Days, renew and continue interest in Collins’s work, and make Hollywood Gamemakers giddy with delight. [Read more…]

Mockingjay Flies Higher than Earlier Installments

On November 21, in our now-annual trip to the wonderful Yancey Theater to see the latest installment of Hunger Games film adaptations, the Mayland gang was joined by a fantastic group of high school students from Avery High School. Thanks to their teacher, the incredible Hollie Greene, I was able to speak with the students about the book’s symbolism before they joined us in the theater. Seeing the film this time was not only a great experience because of our high school friends, but also because this movie, much more so than the previous two, often delivers the goods when it comes to grasping the deeper meaning. Though no film is perfect, and a film based on a book is always fraught with changes readers don’t like (the students sniggered at the shirt I wore, proclaiming simply: “The book was
better”), Mockingjay part 1 has some elements that make it, undeniably, the best adaptation of the trilogy so far. Join our conversation with your thoughts if you have seen the film! If you haven’t, I’m not holding back on the details, so be warned! [Read more…]

After Action Report on The Hunger Games at the Y

On August 19, the Williams YMCA of Avery County (North Carolina) held its Hunger Games Event to show the movie, provide fun and educational opportunities and activities, and raise resources and awareness for very real needs right here in our area, since there is no need to go outside our own District to find folks who need food and opportunities for better health. Join me after the jump for details on our activities and programs, more pictures, and inspiration for those hoping to do their own Hunger Games Night!
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Hunger Games DVD Release: What Are Your Plans?

No, it’s not the Reaping, but there will be some pretty intense crowds this weekend as fans anticipate the release of the Hunger Games film adaptation on DVD. There are actually websites devoted to helping a person locate a release party, and Toys R Us is really pushing its line of HG-themed toys and merchandise at its 12:01 event on Saturday morning. If this hullaballoo makes you feel like a shallow Capitol citizen, some events are more educational and meaningful. At our local YMCA (western NC) our Hunger Games event will be on August 19. [Read more…]

Our Finnick is a Jolly Sailor Bold, and More Catching Fire Casting News

As of today, it’s one month until The Hunger Games DVD is released, so we’ll be revisiting some of our favorite topics about the Girl on Fire and the Boy with the Bread, but as filming for Catching Fire approaches, all the talk is about Victors of previous Games. Now in place, a firey Johanna, an award-winning Wiress and Plutarch, and a dream”boat” Finnick. Join me after the jump for some thoughts on why these choices may actually bode very well for the Quarter Quell next year. [Read more…]