The Sounds of District 12 (and the Capitol, too)

It’s been an exciting week for Hunger Games movie news. New images are appearing, and merchandising, most of which makes my skin crawl, is really going wild. But for me, the big news revolves around music. From Grammy shout-outs to the release of the first official video and two more songs from the soundtrack (as well as the complete official soundtrack list), this week may not make the mockingjays fall silent, but it has provided some very interesting food (er, music?) for thought. Join me after the jump for some thoughts on these very intriguing musical developments and what the The Hunger Games has to do with the loss of one very beautiful voice. [Read more…]

Hold on to Your Hats (or Wig, Effie); It’s the Capitol Couture Website

While it’s unlikely that I will possibly be able to keep up with every single new development as the Hunger Games film release date draws near (March 23), I hope I can make a few comments on some of the more fascinating/horrifying/just plain bizarre news and hoopla that we’ll see over the next couple of months (for, we hope, more sanity and thoughtfulness, watch for our upcoming review of our favorite Hunger Games posts). One new item has certainly caught my interest: the launch of the new Capitol Couture website. Join me after the jump for some conversation about why this flashy-splashy website is intriguing, thought-provoking, and (I hope) a big joke.
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Hunger Games Soundtrack News: First single ideal or ironic?

Since I am a Gregorian, at least with respect to calendars, this time of year usually pulls me away from my duties here, so these are very overdue thoughts on the new Hunger Games soundtrack news. The first release from the soundtrack is Taylor Swift, along with the group The Civil Wars, performing “Safe and Sound.” Not only is this quite a bit early for soundtrack music to appear for a March film, but the song, and its musicians, also provide fuel for our on-going conversation about The Hunger Games as self-referential popular culture artifact. Join me after the jump for my thoughts along those lines. [Read more…]

Hunger Games Items Just in Time for Giving: MisGuided Merchandising or Brilliant Branding?

The Movie Marketing Gamemakers have clearly decided that The Hunger Games is bound to be their meal ticket (pun most certainly intended) next year, a fact evidenced by big promotions starting this week with the 100 days countdown to film release March 23. The stunning new poster, with its catchphrase “The World will be watching” is both a reference to the ever-present cameras in Panem, and a bandwagon appeal from moviemakers for viewers to go see the “big” movie “everybody” will be going to see. It should not, then, be astonishing the number of items that have now been rolled out in the hopes that readers will snatch them up for themselves, or that that friends and family will purchase mass quantities of this stuff for all the Hunger Games readers on their lists. Follow me after the jump for some thoughts on the humor and horror of everything from nail polish to water bottles sporting the flaming Mockingjay pin. [Read more…]

Hunger Games Film Official trailer–Just Like Cinna Would Do It

So, of course, we have some thoughts here about the just-released full-length official trailer for The Hunger Games. Even though the film isn’t out until March, the Gamemakers are amping up the hype. This trailer will be premiering in theaters with the first half of Breaking Dawn on Friday. This is not an unusual pattern, as Eclipse featured the preview for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last year. Yesterday, the trailer debuted on Good Morning America with all the razzle-dazzle Plutarch Heavensbee could want. I had the honor of actually watching it for the first time with my ENG 111 students who have read the novel this semester. Join me after the jump for thoughts on the trailer’s best moments, what it bodes for the film, and why this is the trailer Cinna would have made.
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