The Hunger Games–Some Folks still just don’t get it

I generally don’t expect too much of the fashion industry. After all, these are the jackals who parade underfed, oddly made-up creatures wearing impractical, ridiculously expensive garments, while trying to convince the rest of us to buy this nonsense. While I sometimes enjoy the theatricality of fashion shows, I always hear in my ear the incomparable superhero costumer “E” from The Incredibles. “Bah! Supermodels! Nothing super about them! Whiny, selfish stick people with poofy lips! I used to design for gods!” So when I saw this monstrosity from the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I was struck not only by the idiotic design, but also by what it says about the complete lack of comprehension of what the story of The Hunger Games is really all about. Follow me after the jump for more. [Read more…]

Lionsgate Hunger Games Film A Satisfactory Movie Experience; Cinema Treatment Leaves Serious Readers Hungry for More

Two years ago, I read The Hunger Games for the first time and decided I would start using the novel as part of my Expository Writing courses at Mayland Community College. On March 23, I had the great pleasure of seeing the film adaptation of the novel on opening day in the company of my students and colleagues at a special showing at the great old Yancey Theater in Burnsville, NC, just up the road from where large portions of the movie were filmed. Though I took notes the whole time, much to the amusement of my students (who laughed at the dandelions in my braid, too), I won’t share all of my many thoughts on the movie, though there will be spoilers for non-readers (Not many of those here, anyway, I imagine!). Join me after the jump to see what aspects of the film I (and my fellow MCC readers) found most satisfactory, and what left us feeling unsatisfied. [Read more…]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Let the Countdown of Blogs begin!

Since we are now only 23 days away from the official launch of The Hunger Games film, we are going to be featuring some of our favorite posts about the novels and the preparations for this movie. There is also plenty of news buzzing about, so maybe we’ll get to talk about some of that, too. (Yes, I do have a few things to say about the Glamour magazine photo shoot of Jennifer Lawrence. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve said “Did you people even read this book?”) For starters, let’s just jump straight to the Cornucopia bloodbath. Here is a run-down of our first Hunger Games posts from 2010. Though we never did get some of the answers we were all hoping for back then, the analysis and insights here are still relevant. So, just in case you missed them the first time or would like to catch the re-runs, here is our first round up of posts on The Hunger Games. Watch for more as March 23 draws closer, and let us know if there are favorites you’d like to see!

Hunger Games Items Just in Time for Giving: MisGuided Merchandising or Brilliant Branding?

The Movie Marketing Gamemakers have clearly decided that The Hunger Games is bound to be their meal ticket (pun most certainly intended) next year, a fact evidenced by big promotions starting this week with the 100 days countdown to film release March 23. The stunning new poster, with its catchphrase “The World will be watching” is both a reference to the ever-present cameras in Panem, and a bandwagon appeal from moviemakers for viewers to go see the “big” movie “everybody” will be going to see. It should not, then, be astonishing the number of items that have now been rolled out in the hopes that readers will snatch them up for themselves, or that that friends and family will purchase mass quantities of this stuff for all the Hunger Games readers on their lists. Follow me after the jump for some thoughts on the humor and horror of everything from nail polish to water bottles sporting the flaming Mockingjay pin. [Read more…]

Hunger Games Movie News: A Two-Part Mockingjay, Thoughts from a Make-up Artist, and some Painfully Ironic New Photos

It’s been a busy news week on the Hunger Games film front, so between spurts of getting ready for my presentation at the upcoming James Madison University Replacing Wands with Quills Conference, I’ve collected three interesting reports for our conversation here. Join me after the jump to cover film breaks, make-up, and those Vanity Fair photos.
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