Our Finnick is a Jolly Sailor Bold, and More Catching Fire Casting News

As of today, it’s one month until The Hunger Games DVD is released, so we’ll be revisiting some of our favorite topics about the Girl on Fire and the Boy with the Bread, but as filming for Catching Fire approaches, all the talk is about Victors of previous Games. Now in place, a firey Johanna, an award-winning Wiress and Plutarch, and a dream”boat” Finnick. Join me after the jump for some thoughts on why these choices may actually bode very well for the Quarter Quell next year.
Recently, Philip Seymour Hoffman was announced as Plutarch Heavensbee, a fantastic choice, as the award-winning Hoffman often takes edgy, layered roles that have built his stellar reputation. Also cast is Amanda Plummer as Wiress, who also has an impressive resume that bodes well for our “Nuts”; Beetee, “Volts,” is still being cast.

The much-coveted roles of Johanna Mason, complex axe-swinging District 7 Victor, and more-than-a-pretty-face-and-a-six-pack sex symbol Finnick Odair have also just been locked in, with some great choices.

Johanna will be played by Jena Malone, who caught my attention as prickly and devious Nancy McCoy in the recent docudrama (heavy on the drama) on the Hatfields and McCoys. I even pondered what a good choice she might be for Johanna, with her flashing eyes, sharp chin, and abilty to play both fierce and vulnerable. Genre fans will recall her from the bizarre Sucker Punch (not to be confused with Face Punch), in which she also displays her skill at creating a character at once violent and sympathetic. This casting is compelling, and I hope Johanna will be given sufficient screen time to warrant my optimism, unlike many other characters, such as the prep team, who have been reduced to featured extras.

Mermaids and humans alike have been swooning over Sam Claflin, particularly since his role as priest Philip in Pirates of the Cairbbean: On Stranger Tides. In addition to proving he knows how to swim, his work on Pirates also demonstrates the ability to work within a world made of jungle and CGI, which will come in handy for the Quarter Quell arena. As Philip, he also played a character struggling with moral complexities. The role offered little chance for humor, but that red-carpet grin does show a cocky Finnick charm. Of course, he’s lovely, too, a must for the Games heartthrob.

Overall, I am encouraged by the casting choices, which show our film Gamemakers are taking the story, and its characters, seriously. Other thoughts on these choices or the yet-to-be-determined ones?
H/t to James for getting me the Finnick news so fast!

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