Rowling’s New Twitter Header – and News of Book 7

J. K. Rowling has updated her twitter header in the run up to Christmas. This time it is a partial image of a decorated Christmas tree. The last time she did this was in December 2015: All J. K. Rowling’s Twitter Headers.

Christmas trees are important to Rowling, so it is always worth paying close attention to hers, and this time there is an unusual decoration attached.

The decoration is in the form of a suffragette or member of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), dressed in the Union colours of purple (for loyalty and dignity), white (for purity) and green (for hope). The colours also have the hidden meaning GWV – Green White Violet – Give Women Votes!

The suffragette colours have also been used by women organised to oppose attempts to reduce or remove protections for women’s sex in UK law, for example the Scottish Feminist Network. The decoration itself can be picked up online from quite a few places, particularly London based museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Hot on the heels of changing her header Rowling revealed that she is about two thirds of the way through writing Book 7 of the Strike series.


Following up this with the revelation last night that this means part six of (presumably) a nine part book.


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