Hunger Games Article in New Issue of Carolina Mountain Life

In the Spring issue of Carolina Mountain Life, I have an article entitled “9 Reasons to Get Fired Up About The Hunger Games,” in which I outline some of the main reasons folks in western North Carolina, in particular, should be excited about the book and the recent film (and not for the same reasons the folks at the MTV movie awards hand out gilded popcorn, I can assure you). Due to some strange mutation in the set-up computer program, part of the article was left out in the final version of the magazine (though it was all there in proofs), and readers only got 51/2 reasons. Here, though you can read the entire article, whether or not you you live in or visit North Carolina! And if you do come our way, check out this neat magazine, in which I usually have an a literary article of some sort. Enjoy! And comment, please!

9 Reasons to get Fired up About the Hunger Games