Return to Sylver with Tone Almhjell and Thornghost

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A little over two years ago, we published our original recommendation of The Twistrose Key  by Tone Almhjell, along with an interview with the delightful author herself. Last summer, Penguin published the companion novel, Thornghost. It is a haunting, evocative story that will enchant younger readers, and those of us old enough to read fairy stories again, in very different ways. Like The Twistrose Key, Thornghost  follows a human child who travels to another world, a world populated by animals once loved by children in our own world. This novel, though, takes place in a different stretch of  alternate geography and has its own unique flavor, its own remarkable story and characters shaped by Ms. Almhjell, who most graciously agreed to another interview, sharing with us her thoughts and experiences around returning to this magical world. Come get better acquainted with this wonderful author and her enchanting book!

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The Twistrose Key: A Magical Gift for Christmas (or any time!)

I love giving book recommendations. When people tell me they want book suggestions for friends or family members, I generally ask a few questions and see if I can’t point them in the right direction. For the past several months, the one book I have recommended to almost everyone is an enchanted snowglobe of a tale that is perfect as we head into December. The Twistrose Key is an enchanting, lyric novel, by Norwegian author Tone Almhjell, who weaves a spell of snow, song, and sensory magic to create a story unlike any other, yet still achingly, hauntingly familiar. In addition to creating an absolutely amazing novel, Almhjell is a generous, delightful person who graciously agreed to an email interview despite a looming deadline for her next book. Slip on your mittens, pull your wooly cap down tight, and hang on to the reins; after the jump, we’re off on a magical sleigh ride to get to know this warm-hearted author and her snow-dusted story.

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