Breaking Dawn Part 1 Blog Re-Cap Countdown

Back in the summer, as we were feverishly preparing for the last installment of Harry Potter films, we visited the vault of great old posts and dusted off some of the best ones for getting our thoughts ready for the movie. As Breaking Dawn part 1 hits theaters next week, we’re a little slow on this one (the Hunger Games movie news has been pretty consuming, and of course, we’re getting ready for the James Madison conference this week). So anyhoo, here, better late than never, are links to some of the best commentary we’ve had here on the last (but not last written) book of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. We’ll post more throughout the week, including my reviews of the previous two films, but if you have old friends you’d like us to carry up from the vaults, just let us know, and we’ll ring up Griphook.

Here are the links to first three in a series of wonderful posts that analyze the critical reception of Twilight and its wrongheaded approach, which feels fairly familiar to many of us here.(I didn’t write this great series; our Headmaster did. I can say objectively that they are great!) We’ll re-connect with the others as we count down and I rummage around to find something suitable to wear to that big swanky wedding.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


  1. Elizabeth, there’s a goof. The part 3 link goes to part 1.

  2. Thanks, Arabella, it should work now!

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