Breaking Down the New Breaking Dawn 2 Trailer

Wednesday was the first day of summer (well, technically Thursday was the first full day), and, for those of us who have been to Forks as many times as the young lady in the hilarious Time Warner television commercial, it was also Edward Cullen’s 111th birthday (and he doesn’t even need a magic ring to stay looking 17)! In honor of that auspicious occasion, Summit treated us with the “theatrical trailer” for Breaking Dawn part 2.

Check it out in the first comment box below if you haven’t seen it already. The trailer is widely available online (good thing, too, as the only movie I’ll be seeing in theaters for a while is probably one made by Pixar), and, as promised earlier this week, here are my thoughts, nit-picky and literary as they may be, on what we see, what we don’t see, and what we should be expecting.
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Pubcast Tonight on Middle Earth Radio

Come over to Middle Earth Radio this evening at 10 as Travis Prinzi, Jenna St. Hillaire, and Rev. George dish about the lesser (and perhaps not so lesser) villians of the Hogwarts novels. I’ll be chiming in with my thoughts and some insights on the Breaking Dawn film, and the intrepid Dave Kale of Middle Earth Network will join us as well. Enjoy!

Breaking Dawn Movie Countdown 2

Here are the links for three more in our previous series on the critical reception of Twlight. Enjoy our countdown as we get ready for the first part of the Breaking Dawn film next week, and be sure to let us know if there are old posts you’d like us to resurrect!
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Blog Re-Cap Countdown

Back in the summer, as we were feverishly preparing for the last installment of Harry Potter films, we visited the vault of great old posts and dusted off some of the best ones for getting our thoughts ready for the movie. As Breaking Dawn part 1 hits theaters next week, we’re a little slow on this one (the Hunger Games movie news has been pretty consuming, and of course, we’re getting ready for the James Madison conference this week). So anyhoo, here, better late than never, are links to some of the best commentary we’ve had here on the last (but not last written) book of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. We’ll post more throughout the week, including my reviews of the previous two films, but if you have old friends you’d like us to carry up from the vaults, just let us know, and we’ll ring up Griphook.
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