If you can tear yourself away from “Casual Vacancy”…

I’d love to hear some responses to this recent column in The Chronicle of Higher Education.  I expect our Headmaster has a different take on the Twilight series.

I will be the first to admit I wasn’t a huge fan of Twilight…  my main motivation for reading it was to appreciate John’s Spotlight book more. And unlike Harry, Hunger Games and Divergent (all of which get a mention in the Chron article as well!) I never felt a need to re-visit Bella’s tale.

But the column is well worth discussing.

Breaking Dawn opens tomorrow! Get reading!

So, just in case you are heading out to the midnight showing tonight, here are a few more favorite Twilight posts to get you ready!
Here is the link to the podcast we did with The Twilight News Site last summer.
Here is the post on my work with Twilight and History.

One of my favorites from our Jane Eyre Group read last winter.
My review of Eclipse last year (review of Breaking Dawn will be forthcoming, although I only watch movies at midnight if they are on while I’m rocking a sick child back to sleep…)

If you want to review all the bigger posts about Bella and Edward that have appeared at this site and ForksHighSchoolProfessor.com, then go to the big round-up page and settle in for some fun reading!
And, of course, make sure you have a copy of our own John Granger’s AWESOME guide to the deeper meaning in Meyer’s work: Spotlight!

See you at the movies (or not, as the case may be)

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Blog Re-Cap Countdown

Back in the summer, as we were feverishly preparing for the last installment of Harry Potter films, we visited the vault of great old posts and dusted off some of the best ones for getting our thoughts ready for the movie. As Breaking Dawn part 1 hits theaters next week, we’re a little slow on this one (the Hunger Games movie news has been pretty consuming, and of course, we’re getting ready for the James Madison conference this week). So anyhoo, here, better late than never, are links to some of the best commentary we’ve had here on the last (but not last written) book of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. We’ll post more throughout the week, including my reviews of the previous two films, but if you have old friends you’d like us to carry up from the vaults, just let us know, and we’ll ring up Griphook.
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We Didn’t Start the Fire: Young Adult Reading Controversy

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article decrying the state of Young Adult fiction, proclaiming that the whole genre has gone to the sewers with the graphic, the gruesome, and the crude.  The article has generated a firestorm of  response, and some pretty lively email amongst the Professors here and our associates, so we  thought it was about time that we got up a post about it so we could continue that conversation here! [Read more…]