Breaking Dawn opens tomorrow! Get reading!

So, just in case you are heading out to the midnight showing tonight, here are a few more favorite Twilight posts to get you ready!
Here is the link to the podcast we did with The Twilight News Site last summer.
Here is the post on my work with Twilight and History.

One of my favorites from our Jane Eyre Group read last winter.
My review of Eclipse last year (review of Breaking Dawn will be forthcoming, although I only watch movies at midnight if they are on while I’m rocking a sick child back to sleep…)

If you want to review all the bigger posts about Bella and Edward that have appeared at this site and, then go to the big round-up page and settle in for some fun reading!
And, of course, make sure you have a copy of our own John Granger’s AWESOME guide to the deeper meaning in Meyer’s work: Spotlight!

See you at the movies (or not, as the case may be)


  1. Great to have a recap of your interesting posts on Twilight, history and Victorian lit Elizabeth. Also looking forward to your review of the new film – which I haven’t yet seen myself. And I can also recommend John Granger’s book, I have found it invaluable, along with your commentaries!
    This blog post from Anne Billson of the Guardian newspaper in the UK might be of interest to you and other readers – in defence of the female teen cultural perspective of the Twilight films.

    all the best,

  2. Hello everyone, I’ve been reading the brilliant insights on this blog for some time, but never comented so far.
    There is an interesting discussion between twi-haters and defenders on Twilight as a cultural phenomenon going on here :
    It is not the gender /culture war argument that is interesting, but the Twilight reading experience shared by quite well-articulate and educated readers of the saga.

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