The Break Down on Breaking Dawn Part 2: Best of Series

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must say up front that this is not a movie review. I am not a film critic (a fact that I am sure is patently obvious to my friends who are film critics and scoff at my preference for Indiana Jones over Citizen Kane and The Princess Pride over Pulp Fiction). I am a literary critic, so what follows is actually a literary critic’s reaction to a film based on a book. In fact, before the film started, a well-meaning former student sitting in front of me asked me the trite “team affiliation ” question, to which I responded stiffly, ” I am Team Literary Unity,” prompting some head scratching from many of the people sitting around me.

In any case, this analysis breaks a number of rules one might see in a film review. Primarily, I will make no attempt whatsoever to keep secrets, so this is a post best suited for the readers who have no intention of seeing the film or for those who have also seen it and would like to join our thoughtful conversation about what works, what doesn’t, and why, on nearly every level, this is the best film of the five, despite some very troubling elements. So drag that rock over here, Emmett, because I am rolling up my sleeve and getting ready to rumble. [Read more…]

Breaking Down the New Breaking Dawn 2 Trailer

Wednesday was the first day of summer (well, technically Thursday was the first full day), and, for those of us who have been to Forks as many times as the young lady in the hilarious Time Warner television commercial, it was also Edward Cullen’s 111th birthday (and he doesn’t even need a magic ring to stay looking 17)! In honor of that auspicious occasion, Summit treated us with the “theatrical trailer” for Breaking Dawn part 2.

Check it out in the first comment box below if you haven’t seen it already. The trailer is widely available online (good thing, too, as the only movie I’ll be seeing in theaters for a while is probably one made by Pixar), and, as promised earlier this week, here are my thoughts, nit-picky and literary as they may be, on what we see, what we don’t see, and what we should be expecting.
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Breaking Down Breaking Dawn: Part 1

These two-part last-book movie finales are becoming something of a regular occurrence, what with a two-part Deathly Hallows and a looming two-part Mockingjay. Though film audiences will have to wait another year for the completion of the film versions of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, part 1 of the last installment has just hit theaters. Here are my thoughts on the film, particularly in connection with its ties to the text and deeper meaning (read: there is much analysis of alchemy, hardly any of actors’ degrees of attractiveness, though I did love Billy Burke’s declaration, in his wedding tux, that he knew he was hot. Gotta love that Charlie). Those of you who have also seen the film I hope will help fill in any gaps I may have left ( I’ll do better after several careful DVD run-throughs). Those who are not much fussed over films or Forks, we’ll have some other posts for you soon. Now, grab that popcorn and that wedding invite (here’s mine), and let’s break down Breaking Dawn: Part 1.
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Breaking Dawn opens tomorrow! Get reading!

So, just in case you are heading out to the midnight showing tonight, here are a few more favorite Twilight posts to get you ready!
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My review of Eclipse last year (review of Breaking Dawn will be forthcoming, although I only watch movies at midnight if they are on while I’m rocking a sick child back to sleep…)

If you want to review all the bigger posts about Bella and Edward that have appeared at this site and, then go to the big round-up page and settle in for some fun reading!
And, of course, make sure you have a copy of our own John Granger’s AWESOME guide to the deeper meaning in Meyer’s work: Spotlight!

See you at the movies (or not, as the case may be)

Breaking Dawn Movie Countdown Continues!

If you need a little break from the Hunger Games News, here’s the latest installment on our countdown to the Breaking Dawn movie release Friday! Don’t forget to let us know if there are other posts you’d like to see!

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