Deathly Hallows Harry = “Pilgrim Soldier”?

So Daniel Radcliffe thinks. Check out this Leaky Cauldron video taken at the Half-Blood Prince movie release (the comment comes at 6:50).

No, I don’t think a young movie actor’s idea of what Deathly Hallows means is in any sense authoritative but I’d need to be the bigger goof than I am not to know that Mr. Radcliffe’s interpretation will very much influence the way that many readers will understand the series finale. Movies have that ability to re-shape what we have experienced ourselves in text, like it or not.

So what do you think Mr. Radcliffe means by describing Harry as a “Pilgrim Soldier” and Harry’s situation as “the last days of a dying Roman Emperor”? (H/T to Jeremy for the TLC clip and quotation!)

Two ‘Half-Blood Prince’ Movie Reviews

I’m not a movie guy, so I leave film reviews to those who can say more about them the sophistic “I don’t know much but I know what I like.” I liked Janet Batchler’s review at Quoth the Maven and Beth’s at Endless Books, ’10 Things I missed in Half-Blood Prince.’

My question for All-Pros is “have you met anyone who only knows these stories through the movies?” Beth says she wonders how these people know what is going on. [Read more…]

Michael Ward on Prince Caspian, Mars, and CSL

Hogs Head Tavern landed an interview with Michael Ward, author of Planet Narnia, when he was in New York earlier this year and it is a WOW event. Of the many articles and reviews of the movie ‘Prince Caspian’ just released by Walden/Disney, all of which discuss the book as an aside or in lengthy comparisons, none of them captures what the book is about as powerfully as does Michael Ward in his answers to Johnny’s excellent questions at the Tavern. [Read more…]

On the Fidelity of Harry Potter Films to the Meaning of the Novels: A “Sola Script” Question

In case you don’t follow the Hogwarts Professor “recent comments” sidebar (it’s on your right), there has been some activity on the HogPro thread of a few months ago about Michael Gambon, the actor who plays Albus Dumbledore in the Warner Brothers movies, and his disclosure that he doesn’t read the books because he doesn’t need to in order to get the part right. I argued that his push-and-shove Dumbledore, mirabile dictu, post Deathly Hallows doesn’t seem that far off the mark after all. It may ruin how the story is supposed to work but the Deathly Hallows Machiavellian Dumby is all Gambon.

The news item that revived that lively conversation was the revelation that Julie Walters, the actress who plays Molly Weasley in the movies, is very much of the same school of thought as Mr. Gambon. She said: [Read more…]

Harry Potter Film Sets: Eye in the Sky

I confess to being clueless as to what scenes in Half-Blood Prince or Deathly Hallows these sets could be for. Please share your thoughts if your speculative-gifts are crying out for exercise a year after the speculative-marathon of last May and June.