Let ‘The Deathly Hallows Speaking Tour’ Begin! Ring Composition Book Now Available Online

In celebration of the release of the first Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie on 19 November, I begin my Deathly Hallows Speaking Tour today. With stops as far west as Moline, Illinois, north as Milwaukee, Wisconsin, east as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and south as Columbia, South Carolina, the next four weeks promise great fun that will literally be all over the map!

I’m excited about this trip because of the number and variety of venues, of course, but also because I’ll be sharing for the first time with a larger audience the mind-blowing discovery that Ms. Rowling, as her name suggests, is a Ring Writer. Not only is her series a seven book cycle conforming to the four traditional markers of Ring Composition that we find in ancient, biblical, medieval, and modern works, but all seven books, to include every one of the 198 chapters and epilogue, are shaped by ring formula.

Below the jump you’ll find a list of the twenty stops I’ll be making in the next four weeks and the several topics I’ll be addressing. I hope to see you at one or more! If you cannot make it, say, because you live well west of the Mississippi, I have put together a Harry Potter as Ring Composition and Ring Cycle special limited edition book for this tour that is available either as a paperback book or pdf file to download. It’s an expanded version of my talk to TGTSNBN earlier this month and it will only be available until the much longer version is published early next year. It’s not as much fun as a talk — but it does have all the diagrams and charts detailing Ms. Rowling’s remarkable ring artistry.

Read on for details about The Deathly Hallows Speaking Tour and a brand new Potter pundits publication!

Pictures from Ring Talk in NYC: TGTSNBN!

I look a little crazy in these photographs, but, in my defense, it was an exciting night; the combination of a phenomenal venue (check out the Samsung Experience wall-screen), perhaps the most knowledgeable Harry Potter fan group of significant size — The Group That Shall Not Be Named, NYC’s Rowling Society, and a mind-blowing topic overwhelmed me at times. Seeing two rows of beautiful readers wearing red bow ties in the front of the audience may have contributed to the madness, too.

I promised TGTSNBN that, if they listened closely, they would never think of any of the Potter books or the series the same way again — that they would now be tempted to read the books from the middle out rather than front to back and that the Deathly Hallows symbol, Moody’s trunk, and Harry’s round glasses would have entirely new meaning to them. Jonathon Rosenthal, the Group’s leader, wrote today that I didn’t over-promise, as hard as that may be to believe:

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HogPro ‘Rings’ Talk in NYC Thursday Night!

Harry Potter Chapter Rings, Character Names, and Magic Mirrors: The Genius Inside the Planning of the Hogwarts Saga

Joanne Rowling has told interviewers for more than a decade that the secret of her success was “planning,” a “boring answer” she always apologizes for. But what exactly was she planning that took five years to sketch the books and six months prior to each novel’s composition? Potter Pundit John Granger, author of Harry Potter Unlocked: Seven Keys for the Serious Reader and editor of Harry Potter Smart Talk, believes she was working on embedding within her story the structures and symbols that would reflect her most profound meaning. Want to learn why Harry’s name as well as all the alliterative names and those with reduplicated letters are what they are? Curious about the Deathly Hallows symbol and what it really tells us about Ms. Rowling’s novels? Interested in why specific events happen in the chapters they do in each book and why there are seven novels? Come to the Samsung Center to hear John Granger reveal at last the genius in Rowling’s planning and how it generated Potter-mania

The Venue: Thursday, 7 October, 6 pm

Time Warner Building
3rd Floor Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019

The Sponsors and more about the event: The Group That Shall Not Be Named

A Talk Forever Changing the Way We Think About the Artistry and Meaning of Rowling’s Harry Potter

Hard as it may be to believe, more than a decade after the first book and a month before the last movies are released, I think I have figured out Ms. Rowling’s chapter to chapter writing plan for each of her books, a story scaffolding at once more obvious and pervasive than the literary alchemy and distinctive Potter hero’s journey. It affects many, perhaps even most characters’ names and may be the ultimate source of the “triangular eye” of the Deathly Hallows symbol. It’s important enough that I’ve added it as a new “key” with a chapter all its own in my updated  Harry Potter Unlocked coming out this fall.

If you can’t wait for that and want to hear more about Ms. Rowling’s writing plan that shapes every chapter of every book as well as the way each book relates to the other novels in the series, I’ll be talking about it next week at New York City’s Samsung Experience in Time Warner Center in a lecture sponsored by America’s premiere fan Meet Up, ‘The Group That Shall Not Be Named.’

Details about the talk, the venue, and the cover of a new Potter Pundits talk and essay collection are below the jump!

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Mockingjay Discussion 22: Ring and Mirror Composition in the Hunger Games Series Finale

We have already noted that the plot point sequence of Mockingjay is consistent with Hunger Games story formula down to the chapter. What I missed in my first hurried read through the book was the story structure of the 27 chapters in Mockingjay specifically. In a nut shell, the series finale is a book whose last thirteen chapters mirror the first thirteen chapters and whose beginning, middle, and end points echo one another. Let’s look at exactly how this works with chapter line-ups and then discuss why Ms. Collins would bother with such artistry. [Read more…]