Fire In Forks: Life Imitating Art Finale? Aro’s Revenge?

A good friend who lives on the Olympic Peninsula wrote me late last year that they had a fire in the city of Forks:

BTW, did you hear that a fire in Forks destroyed the Dazzled by Twilight store there a few weeks ago?  The store had already closed in January and its Port Angeles branch the month before:

Fire Closes Schools, Destroys Two Buildings
Page to Premiere: Dazzled by Twilight Destroyed by Fire
Peninsula Daily News: Twilight Eatery Closes in Forks
TwiFans: ‘Dazzled’ Shuttered

I hadn’t heard about the Forks fire; an apt metaphor, alas, for the peaking to diminishing ardor of the Twihards? Big flame-out at finale? Or is this the revenge of Aro? I visited Forks for the ‘Summer School’ FanCon that was held there when I was writing Spotlight: The Artistry and Meaning of Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight Saga and I confess there was an unreal air about the community’s identification with and excitement about Bella and Edward’s love story.

What are your thoughts? Should we expect the same sort of unhappy ending, albeit in less dramatic fashion, for the Twilight fan base? Is Fifty Shades its future? Or will it re-invent itself now that the movies are done as Harry Potter fandom has post-Deathly Hallows publication and cinema treatment (or as Trekkies did after the first series was cancelled)?

Sharon Slade Jackson: The Final Meadow Scene of ‘Breaking Dawn 2’ Departs From and Resonates With Last Book’s Ending

The Twilight Saga Movie Ending: The Final Meadow Scene

By Sharon Slade Jackson

As Elizabeth Baird Hardy has already shown in her review of the final Twilight Saga movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2 stays fairly close to the last third of Breaking Dawn, with most changes being for the purpose of streamlining the story for the viewing audience. Some of the changes are large, but several tweaks appear minor at first – a different character says a particular line than says that line in the book, for example – yet when we examine them more closely, we see that they have a larger impact on the storyline than would first appear.

One such alteration was the setting of the final scene, where Bella is finally able to remove her mind shield and share her memories with Edward, revealing the depth of her love for him fully for the first time. In Breaking Dawn, this scene happens in Bella and Edward’s cottage; in the movie, it occurs in Edward’s meadow.

Before I examine the significance of this change, let me first explain why this scene is important. [Read more…]

The Break Down on Breaking Dawn Part 2: Best of Series

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must say up front that this is not a movie review. I am not a film critic (a fact that I am sure is patently obvious to my friends who are film critics and scoff at my preference for Indiana Jones over Citizen Kane and The Princess Pride over Pulp Fiction). I am a literary critic, so what follows is actually a literary critic’s reaction to a film based on a book. In fact, before the film started, a well-meaning former student sitting in front of me asked me the trite “team affiliation ” question, to which I responded stiffly, ” I am Team Literary Unity,” prompting some head scratching from many of the people sitting around me.

In any case, this analysis breaks a number of rules one might see in a film review. Primarily, I will make no attempt whatsoever to keep secrets, so this is a post best suited for the readers who have no intention of seeing the film or for those who have also seen it and would like to join our thoughtful conversation about what works, what doesn’t, and why, on nearly every level, this is the best film of the five, despite some very troubling elements. So drag that rock over here, Emmett, because I am rolling up my sleeve and getting ready to rumble. [Read more…]

If you can tear yourself away from “Casual Vacancy”…

I’d love to hear some responses to this recent column in The Chronicle of Higher Education.  I expect our Headmaster has a different take on the Twilight series.

I will be the first to admit I wasn’t a huge fan of Twilight…  my main motivation for reading it was to appreciate John’s Spotlight book more. And unlike Harry, Hunger Games and Divergent (all of which get a mention in the Chron article as well!) I never felt a need to re-visit Bella’s tale.

But the column is well worth discussing.

Guest Post: Twilight, Chastity, and Kristen Stewart

Twilight, Chastity, and Kristen Stewart: Wars and rumors of war and love and rumors of love

by joel emmett

The Internet imploded this past week when news leaked that Kristen “Bella Swan” Stewart, the highest paid actress in human history and girlfriend of her Twilight co-star, “sexiest man alive” Robert Pattinson, had a fling with her 41-year old, married, director of her recent “Snow White” film.

The public reaction was extreme, heated, and profuse. This is significant not only because of the human drama, but because of how and why this situation was so loaded by the themes of the Twilight Saga itself.

First, here’s what actually happened.
[Read more…]