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A Dip in the OCEAN: Divergent Factions and the Big Five Personality Factors.

A Dip in the OCEAN II: Double Dipping Dauntless: Can the neurotic be brave?

Is There Scientific Evidence that the Factions of Divergent are Meaningful?

Did Roth miss the Epigenetic Boat?

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: How mirror neurons are reflected in Tris.

Literature, Film and Legacy: Reflections on a Random and Completely Unbalanced Sample

Game Theory: A New Key to Young Adult Fiction?

The WSJ Op-Ed on Young Adult Fiction that made Rita Skeeter look Impressive

A Slice of Divergent Fandom, as seen through Twitter

NPR’s Top 100 “Teen” Novels: What Do You Think?

Shut up, ladies?

A Zip to the Marshland: The significance of Tris’s high flying adventure.

MuggleNet Academia: Divergent and Harry Potter — at the Movies


Honest Trailers Parodies Divergent

Another writer notes the Divergent-Personality test link.

Divergent Movie: First Impressions

Final Chance for Divergent Empathy Survey

Survey for Divergent fans

A look at the Carve the Mark sneak peaks: prose, photos and artwork

Official ‘Carve the Mark’ Book Trailer Released: New Series by Veronica Roth

Countdown to Carve the Mark

Preview of Veronica Roth’s New Book, Carve the Mark, Now Available Online

‘Insurgent’ Movie Previews: This is Making Me Nervous!

Insurgent Movie Strays from Book, but Strangely Satisfies.

Allegiant Part II Becomes Ascendant

Ascendant (aka Allegiant Part Two) Movie cancelled; may be TV movie instead.


Allegiant Guest Post: Science and the Factions (Chana McCarthy)

Guest Post: David the Mysterious in ‘Allegiant’ Finale (fr Mary Isaiah Molano, OP)

Guest Post: The Christlike Sacrificial Deaths of Tris and Harry (fr Mary Isaiah Molano, OP)

The Divergent Trilogy: The Faction Manifestos Metanarrative and Predictions About the Revelations of ‘Allegiant’ (John)

‘Allegiant’ Leaking Out: Quotations, ‘World of Divergent’ (John)

Roth E-Publishes ‘Divergent’ Short Story: ‘The Transfer’(John)

‘Divergent’ Movie Trailers: Official ‘Teaser’ and Longer Clip(John)

Christine Wesley: Literary Alchemy in ‘Divergent’ — Nigredo

Christine Wesley: Literary Alchemy in ‘Insurgent’ — Albedo

Christine Wesley: Literary Alchemy in Allegiant – Rubedo

Meeting Veronica Roth: An Ascendio 2012 Highlight   (John)

’10 Questions’ with Veronica Roth, Author of the Divergent Trilogy: Part 3 — “Did You Plan These Books? No? Really?”(John)

’10 Questions’ with Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent Trilogy: Part 2 — Elizabeth Baird-Hardy’s Questions (John)

’10 Questions’ With Veronica Roth, Author of the Divergent Trilogy: Part 1 — Louise Freeman’s Questions(John)

The Divergent Trilogy: Twilight, MarySue, and Tris Prior (John)

The Divergent Trilogy: Katniss Everdeen, Meet Tris Prior!  (John)

The Divergent Trilogy: Harry Potter Meets Beatrice Prior(John)

Veronica Roth Responds to Fandom Anger about Allegiant  (John)

Allegiant: First Twenty Discussion Threads Round-Up (John)

1 — Delighted or Disappointed?

2 — Predictions Scorecard

3 — ‘Choice, Real Choice’

*Guest Post: A Better Answer

4 — Allegory A: On Racism

5 — Allegory B: On Psychology

6 — Son of Mockingjay?

7 — Plato’s Cave: The Puppeteers

8 — Voice(s)

9 — Alchemy

10 — Mirror of Divergent Beginning and Allegiant End

11 — The Sacrifice

12 — Sex in the YA Novel

13 — Tobias’ Family and Choices

14 — Tris’ Brother and Parents

15 — O’hare Airport

16 — Forgiveness

17 — Supporting Roles

18 — Epistemology

19 — Review Links

20 — ‘Be Brave’


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