More Tributes and Effie Officially Cast as Real-World Reaping takes Place and More Extras are Sought!

If you are keeping track of the casting for the forthcoming Hunger Games film, we now have tributes for Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11 and, of course, 12. That means Foxface (District 5) has been chosen. Also, Elizabeth Banks has been confirmed in the role of Effie Trinket.  In addition, the local casting company here in Western NC is still searching for more extras, particularly folks who look like coal miners. The movie is being called “Artemis” in all  official correspondence, but there is not much other attempt at secrecy as additional casting calls commence this week and email applications are being accepted as well. As we’re following developments here, I’ve noticed that the irony is thicker than Flavius’ purple lipstick. [Read more…]

Hunger Games Tribute Casting Continues

The names just keep coming out of that big glass ball to fill our full complement of 24 tributes for the upcoming film of The Hunger Games. So far, actors are in place for the leads of Katniss and Peeta, along with her friend Gale, her mother, and her sister Prim. John C. Reilly appears to be in talks for the role of Haymitch, and there are rumors of a possible Effie Trinket.

We also have supporting roles casting decisions for the characters of Rue and Thresh, as well as for the tributes from Districts 1 and 3. If you’d like to follow as the rest of the Tributes are selected, try this handy feature on the Hunger Games Movie Facebook page. It is convenient, but I keep expecting the training scores to pop up so I can place my bets along with the other Capitol viewers. Speaking of our Capitol metanarrative, join us after the jump for some more thoughts on the casting choices and their reflection of Gamemaker values. [Read more…]

Post-Reaping Report on Extra Casting for Hunger Games

My friends who made it through epic wind and rain to the extra casting in Shelby on Saturday report that the line was long but moved swiftly, and that the movie folks were all trained by the Cinna school of “treating people like human beings, not cattle.”  The report from Shelby is positive that the film is Hunger Games, though everyone was warned not to say it out loud, creating a Voldemort-ish Taboo. My friends got positive feedback, especially since some are or are the parents of teenagers, and, if they get to do some work on the movie, promise to give us all the information they can. In the meantime, I’m just thrilled to see the process was not much like the actual Reaping, but seemed fun, easy, and professional. Let’s hope this is indicative of the way the production will be run.  Thanks, Connie, for the pictures! Follow me after the jump for more.

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There’s No Business like the Hunger Games: Extra Casting Begins, Maybe

Sure, sure, the Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVD is out now, and everyone is dashing home to watch hours of special features, but here in Western NC, there’s buzz of another kind. Extra casting calls begin today for a movie being called Artemis. Since Artemis, like Katniss Everdeen, is an archer and huntress (and since she’s one ancient deity not licensed by Marvel Comics and thus not getting a film of her own), this is very likely The Hunger Games. It looks like there will be several calls in the region, and I do have friends planning to attend, so I’ll give you the full after-action report on the madness as thousands of people try to be one of a thousand needed extras (who will never be seen on the screen and who will likely be replaced with CGI anyway!)

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It’s On! North Carolina Locations for Hunger Games Filming

According to the News in Asheville, North Carolina, the much-anticipated film adaptation of The Hunger Games will be filmed, at least partly, in “Cool, Green Asheville.” Other North Carolina sites purported to be targeted for filming are Charlotte and Shelby. Asheville officials have confirmed some locations around the city are being used for a movie; they won’t say what movie, however, even though the film’s producer has been sighted around town. In case you think this is speculation — the sign at one such location says “Ludus”; for those who may not be Latin-speakers, “ludus” means “game” in the language of ‘Bread and Circuses,’ so that’s probably a good indication that Asheville, or part of it, is District 12.

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