Leaky-Con After-Action report

Yes, I know it’s been well more than a week since the Leaky-Con crew departed Universal Studios Resort (though I suspect some of them may have tried to sneak back in and live there), but with all the excitement, I’m just now getting to a more thorough response to the event, along with a few pictures! Those of you who were able to attend, I hope you’ll add your thoughts about sessions or events that I didn’t get to experience.
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Now My Charms are All O’erthrown: Intial thoughts on Deathly Hallows Film and Leaky-Con (so far)

I really should be resting up for my Leak-Con Presentation in the morning, but, since I’ll be a little tied up with further wizarding excitement, and our Headmaster does TWO presentations tomorrow, I wanted to go ahead and toss out my initial reactions (not to be confused with a full-scale, completely analyzed review) as well as provide some thoughts on the terrific Leaky-Con Programing I enjoyed today. Follow me after the jump for some thoughts from a dark theater and a sunny day in Orlando. [Read more…]

Today’s the Day! (Well, technically, it’s Midnight tonight…)

Well, tonight is the big premiere! Our distinguished headmaster is off to the VIP viewing at Leaky-Con, folks are queuing up at the local cineplex, and the creative faithful are donning their robes and hats. We’ll have our thoughts up here, soon, of course, though John Granger and I will both be tied up at Leaky-Con for the next couple of days. We promise plenty of reports on our adventures! We are both speaking on Saturday, so we hope that anyone coming to the event will stop by to say hello! You can also pick up your signed copies of Harry Potter as Ring Cycle and Ring Composition and, hot off the presses, Harry Potter for Nerds (which includes some rip-roaring good articles from last year’s big blow-out, Inifinitus, and you can collect several of the contributors’ signatures all at one time!). Or, of course, you can always order those and other HogPro titles here! Okay, commercial over; now back to our regularly scheduled program of trying to draw a lightning bolt on one’s own forehead. Harder than it looks, that.

Leaky-Con Draws Near!

I know it’s hard to believe there could be much more interesting going on next week than a certain movie premiere, but, for quite a few of us, that event will take place in an amazing setting: at Leaky-Con at Universal Studios in  Orlando. But this fantastic conference is about much, much more than movies, of course! Our own John Granger will be presenting (see a sneak preview here), as will I. Here is a little blub about the program I’ll be doing at 9 am on Saturday, July 16 (along with my husband,  Michael). If you are coming, I hope to see you there! We will, of course, be reporting from the scene!

 “See My Published Works”: Publishing, Librarianship, and the Book Industry in the Wizarding World
It should not be surprising that books which have engaged millions of readers actually include books as major plot devices, libraries and bookstores as critical settings, and writers and readers as characters both minor and major. In addition, Rowling often has a fair bit of fun in her depiction of authors, publishers, and the members of the literary industry, both lampooning the world her novels took by storm, and creating a parallel version of the literary world of Muggles. Join authors Elizabeth  Baird Hardy and Michael C. Hardy, who have worked both sides of the book production universe, to explore the texts within our shared text and the ways in which Rowling subtly, and sometimes not-so subtly, critiques the history and realities of her own profession and the industries that support it.