Hunger Games Movie News: A Legendary Music Producer, a Perfect Snow, and a Two-Part Mockingjay

We try not to cover every little scrap of movie movie news here at Hogwarts Professor (Oooh, look, they’ve chosen a gaffer! ) but we do have some nifty recent announcements on which we have not yet chimed in with our two knuts’ worth of commentary. The filming of The Hunger Games  is going on now, of course. Based on reports from the casting agency providing “background” (i.e. extras), they will need the Capitol people in August, and the District 12 folks I know are done, so it seems likely that Jennifer Lawrence and her fellow Tributes are out in the wilds of western North Carolina trying to kill each other, or at least, looking like they are trying to kill each other; they have nice weather for it. Much of that filming is shrouded in secrecy, including the bit that features a permit for a big explosion scheduled near the North Fork Reservoir later this month (apples, anyone?). But a few very clear bits of news do merit our attention, as we think about music, the world’s scariest Snow, and four films for our consideration. [Read more…]