Wizarding World coming to the West Coast

After the phenomenal success of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando, Florida, it should come as no surprise that Universal is planning to open a companion section at the park in California. There are also plans underway to expand the Orlando park. Since these plans will not come to fruition for some years, it seems safe to say that, as we’ve predicted here for some time, we’ll be seeing Harry’s world as a permanent part of our culture, much like the elements of Disney World that come from films made long ago (my daughter was fascinated to learn that Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, not to mention the venerable Snow White, are older than Mommy). Unlike the many come-and-go-attractions at Universal, the ones that change with trends and popularity, it seems safe to say that Harry is here to stay. (Hat Tip to James!)

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