Running Grave, Part Nine: A Ring Reading

The Final Interior Ring of Strike7 and Its Meaning In The Middle

What a great finish! Let’s jump right into the Running Grave Part Nine ring reading with a breakdown of how the final Part works as a ring. Tomorrow I’ll do a deep dive into the last Part’s connections with Parts One and Five in the whole-novel ring and then I’ll close this series with my first thoughts at the end of this marathon structural analysis of Rowling-Galbraith’s latest effort. To show my hand in advance, I’m pretty sure the author’s ring writing in the Parts as well as the book as a whole explains in large part the chief criticism of the more recent Strike novels made by newspaper reviewers and Amazon readers alike.

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Beatrice Groves – Hits-and-misses, Folk Horror and Shakespearean Pastoral

To celebrate Halloween with a delve into the folk horror of The Running Grave, Beatrice Groves, Research Fellow and tutor at Trinity College, Oxford, and author of  Literary Allusion in Harry Potter, has written a Hogwarts Professor Guest Post: ‘Hits-and-misses, Folk Horror and Shakespearean Pastoral: Running Grave first thoughts’. To find out more about spooky ash henges, dreadful dollies, and magnificent magnoliajoin Prof Groves after the jump:

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Rowling’s ‘Running Grave’ Video Shorts

The Rowling Library has compiled all of Rowling’s answers to questions, all originally posted on the Robert Galbraith Facebook page, in one very convenient YouTube package. I think I speak for all Serious Strikers in thanking them for that collation. Their transcript of these twenty questions can be found here.

After the jump, a review of what irked many listeners and my own thoughts about what made the event easily forgettable. [Read more…]

Running Grave, Part Eight: A Ring Reading

Part Two Parallels, Eight’s Latch, Turn, and Turtle-Back Lines, Answers to Robin’s Questions, Guesses about Strike’s Epiphany, and the Pizza Mystery

It just gets better and better! Running Graves’ Part Eight turned up the excitement with a Papa J – Cormoran Strike confrontation, a car chase and shooter, and, as Robin says to Cormoran after the Brewster-Edensor dialogue, “Loads of information!” In this post I’ll be laying out the larger ring parallels between Parts Two and Eight, sharing my thoughts about Part Eight’s individual ring elements, and then giving my last guesses about whodunnit before all is revealed in Part Nine. If the sun isn’t up before I’m done, I’ll put up some thoughts about Rowling’s “meaning in the middle” and other points that this long look at the structure highlight.

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Running Grave, Part Seven: A Ring Reading

Part Three Parallels, Part Seven’s Ring Elements, Its Whodunnit Revelations, and the ‘Real’

Part Seven, the shortest Part in The Running Grave at only eleven chapters, ticks all the boxes in this series of Strike7 ring readings’ signature points. It has the external book-ring parallels with Part Three, the signature latch, turn, and turtle-back parallels internally, and its meaning-full middle in which we get a skiff of clues pointing to the mystery’s resolution. Part Eight is the largest of the novel’s Parts, close to twice the size of Seven, so I’m going to rush this post out in my hurry to read and chart the twenty chapter set later tonight. Here we go —

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