London Ladies Liquid Lunch-TERF Tea: Rowling Revels, Reels Out RIDDIKULUS!

J. K. Rowling had a few friends out for lunch in London the other day, at the River Cafe no less. You can read all about it in Suzanne Moore’s article for The Telegraph, The Truth About My Raucous Lunch with J. K. Rowling.‘ Join me after the jump for thoughts on the timing, the photographer, and the implicit messaging of scheduling this get-together the week of the Secrets of Dumbledore roll-out! [Read more…]

Rowling Speaks at London Premiere of Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore

Yesterday was the World Premier for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore in London. The event was ‘live streamed’ for fans worldwide here, and like many adoring fans I tuned in at 17:30 British Summer Time, wondering if J. K. Rowling would make an appearance.

No appearance on the live stream, but twitter was awash with photographs of her there and it quickly became apparent that she was interviewed (briefly) and entered the theatre before the official live stream started. Fortunately enough, ODE entertainment managed to capture the interview, which I have included below.

Two key take outs for me: Covid forced a change in location, which may explain the move from the intended Brazil setting, and Rowling is excited to show the manticores.


Putin Decries Rowling’s Cancellation; Rowling Cancels Putin’s Endorsement

Read more about this exchange here, here, and here. Hat tip to Chris Calderon.

My three thoughts? Join me after the jump for those. [Read more…]

Rowling Sweats Edits to Ink Black Heart

I’m counting this careful editing of Ink Black Heart as some acknowledgment of the work done here and at StrikeFans to demonstrate that the series needs a better continuity editor, fact checker, and gaffe hunter.

Here are seven HogwartsProfessor posts about mistakes in the series that distract readers and diminish their experience of Rowling’s transformative psychological allegories of the soul’s journey to perfection in the spirit.

Enjoy! Let’s hope that Rowling, Inc.’s new dedicated team of Flint Finders gaffe-roof Ink Black Heart.

Rowling Double Downs on Downsides of Premature Transgender Transitions

Earlier this month Rowling assured one twitter critic that she would not be giving up anytime soon her role in leading resistance to transgender overreach:

She demonstrated her determination in this regard yesterday by tweeting out the stories of six women and the traumatic and life-damaging consequences they suffered after being hurried through transition to a transgender identity via hormone therapy and surgery. Read those heart-breaking autobiographical statements and Rowling’s encouraging words to each here, here, here, here, here, and here. In addition, she quoted with approval from and posted a link to a Guardian editorial in favor of opening up debate on gender ideology and medical ‘best practices’ around the transitioning of children.

Remember, these tweets are sent to The Presence’s almost 14 million followers on this social media platform. She has chosen to shift her rhetorical strategy from Contrarian Maven Feminist unashamed of bullying others herself to that of Story-Teller, sharing the experiences of women who have suffered grievously from the silencing of argument about the right and wrong of childhood and adolescent transitioning in the victims’ own words.

Rowling has said multiple times that she has been inundated with messages from such women and from health care professionals. Now she is giving them access to her global platform to share their testimony contrary to the party line that gender legislation saves lives rather than destroying them. This is a potential game-changer on this issue because of Rowling’s reach and the likely effect these stories will have on their new audience. [Read more…]