Rowling and the Scottish Enlightenment

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Rowling Plays True Confessions, Sort Of

After an intense week of tweeting about the Women’s Iranian Revolution, #NoToSelfID in Scotland, and Genderists promoting a pedophilia apologist, The Presence left for the weekend with the scorecard above as her just-below-the-placeholder last-word. The tease subtly encourages the reader to take the challenge as she did and to guess what the five items are on Mrs. Murray’s list.

I scored a 10, five items in each column, eleven if One Name Potter Fandomers and teevee news show hosts don’t count as ‘celebs’ (I have met Lev Grossman, a very kind and funny man, but no Hollywood types, Emmy winners, or Everyone Recognizes Personalities).

My best guesses about the four things Rowling hasn’t done — I’ll count the air rifle as a gun and assume having your ears pierced scores as a “piercing” — are Broken a Bone, Been Arrested, Gone Zip Lining, and Been Skydiving.

That’s me, then. You?

For those interested in a greater challenge today than this tweeted invitation to self-reflection scoring, please check out this interview with Masih Alinejad, whom Rowling has re-tweeted twenty different times since the death of Mahsa Amini: ‘The Iranian Regime’s Most Wanted Woman: A conversation with the unstoppable Masih Alinejad.’ This is the face and voice of a real life Hermione Granger or a postmodern, fiercely secular Joan of Arc. Let us hope Rowling listens to and heeds what Alinejad says about feminists in the West afraid to speak out against ‘Asian’ abuses at home and abroad, abuses of young women that dwarf in number and longevity the scandal of mutilating children with gender dysphoria, because of their fears about fostering “Islamophobia” or of being called “Islamophobic.”

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Rowling Wades Into Mormon History

Late last month, Rowling made an allusion to Joseph Smith, Jr.,’s claim to have translated The Book of Mormon from actual gold plates given to him by an angel. Her point was about the credulity of those accusing her of being a transphobe and bigot without evidence from her actual statements.

What Rowling couldn’t have known, assuming that she knows no Latter-Day Saints and hasn’t studied the subject or interacted with LDS apologists online, is that this off-hand remark would cause an avalanche of correction from Salt Lake City and the army of internet mavens sworn to protect and defend Smith’s revelation. To her credit, she corrected herself without caving to the Mormon church’s strict messaging on the subject. More after the jump. [Read more…]

Ink Black Heart: The Strike Characters with Twitter Accounts

Our last update to the Cormoran Strike characters that became active this summer, a pre-publication blitz of posts in 2022 time from ‘people’ as diverse as Pat Chauncey and Ciara Porter (not to mention Wolfgang the pet and the Office Sofa), was August 22nd. See Twitter Character Update for that, Nick Jeffery’s introduction to the phenomenon, Strike on Twitter – Sixteen Characters in Search of a Story, and Rowling’s engagement with the fun being had online before Ink Black Heart  was officially on sale.

Has anyone been following these accounts after the fact? Do we have evidence that they were given copies of Ink Black Heart before the public at large? Do you think it was a Rowling, Inc., publicity stunt for Serious Strikers to enjoy or a fandom effort by Zealot Tweeters who love the Rowling-Galbraith murder-romance-mysteries?

This post is a Placeholder for discussion to which we will add information as it becomes available. To find this conversation quickly in future, click on ‘Ink Black Heart Discussion’ in the Pillar Post column at the upper left of the home page and scroll down to the ‘Twitter Characters’ link. Cheers!

Rowling Contrasts Trans Activists in Head-Coverings with Iranian Feminists

Rowling tweeted a condemnation of Radical Gender Extremists, the ironically named ‘Be Kind Brigade,’ who marched in protest of a scheduled talk in Brighton by Kellie-Jay Keen, founder of ‘Standing For Women.’ On the thread of that post, a ‘Bogey the Bossey’ wrote, “They’re so different from these Iranian women who show real courage and don’t hide behind black masks.” This comment included a tweet-video from Masih Alinejad, an “Iranian journalist and activist,” which Rowling then re-tweeted herself:

If you’re interested in the details, there’s much more on this tweet and the event in Brighton in the online Daily Mail:  ‘JK Rowling condemns masked pro trans mob after violent clashes in Brighton at ‘Let Women Speak’ event.’ My thoughts are mostly about Rowling’s use of her twitter social media platform post-publication of Ink Black Heart and its relationship with the implicit messages of her books. [Read more…]