While you Wait for ‘The Wizarding World…

of Harry Potter’ at Universal Theme Park in Orlando, FL, why not check out Dickens World in the UK? If you made the commitment to read even half of Dickens’ novels before hopping the pond, this trip could be a life-changing experience! (H/T to Nicholas)

Ronald MacDonald: In the Near Loss of Everything

Not the hamburger clown, but the son of George MacDonald, literary great and scion of the Inkling fraternity. Zossima Press yesterday released In the Near Loss of Everything, a biography of this Ronald MacDonald by Dale Wayne Slusser that focuses on Ronald’s time in America and the book is a ‘wow.’ Please read these blurbs from MacDonald scholars and the Zossima Press news release for why you, the Harry Potter serious reader and lover of imaginative fiction, will want to read In the Near Loss of Everything. [Read more…]

‘Welcome to Hufflepuff!’

Mitchell and Webb hilarity about the necessarily restrained speech in the Hufflepuff Common Room after Sorting… Hat tip to Lisa!

Micaela, a Potter-phile on her way to St. John’s College in 2010, told me over lunch today after church that I needed to look up Monty Python Football next time I needed a laugh. An excellent recommendation!

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