J. K. Rowling’s Stories – a New Website Launched part 2

Yesterday I shared my observations from the Stories website noticeboard, today we will look at the rest of the desk and shelf area. So lets switch the desk lamp on (with a satisfying audible click) and join me after the break to take a look around.

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J. K. Rowling’s Stories – a New Website Launched part 1


J.K. Rowling has just released her first new website since the current one launched on 20th December 2016. The new site is aimed at children so doesn’t cover any of the Robert Galbraith novels or A Casual Vacancy and can be found at https://stories.jkrowling.com/.  The new location holds a few secrets (with possibly more to come). So join me after the jump to take a look at a few of them.

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Rowling Interview: The Christmas Pig

Another great find and capture by our friends at TheRowlingLibrary.com!

About the elephant in the room heretofore unmentioned, the HogwartsProfessor faculty and friends are studying the new Rowling website, Stories.JKRowling.com, and will be posting about it sooner than later. Thank you for your patience.