Virginia is for Wizards

I attended the inaugural meeting tonight: a new Harry Potter fandom organization in Virginia.  Organizers were back from Misti-Con and very enthusiastic.  The hope is to have a couple of events per month and a trivia night is already scheduled.

Any Virginia HogPro readers who are interested should check out the MeetUp and/or Facebook pages.

Hold on to your Quaffles–Competitive Quidditch is Getting Serious

In 2005, I had the great pleasure of presenting at the Witching Hour in Salem, MA. It was my first national Harry Potter Conference. I loved the sessions I attended, though I was quite baffled by one item on the program: Quidditch. How, I thought, can they play Quidditch without flying? I was really interested in seeing this spectacle, and sorely disappointed when torrential rain cancelled the outdoor events. Since then, I have been delighted to see Quidditch played at other events, including Infinitus and Leaky-Con 2011. This wonderful, wacky, wizarding sport has grown beyond being a convention conversation piece, and the International Quidditch Association is seeking greater recognition, regulation, and revenue. Check out this great article on the growing legitimacy of Quidditch, and then share your Quidditch thoughts! Do you play or watch? Or, like me, do you just explain any injury you may be sporting as the result of a rough Quidditch match?
H/t to James and my college colleague John (who was asking today if I could hide my broom and wand in my graduation regalia).

Pubcast tonight on Middle Earth Radio Network

Join Dave Kale, George Naylor, and yours truly for a live pubcast as we look back over at the Harry Potter events of 2011!

Join us for a live Pundit Podcast!

Tonight, join Elizabeth Baird Hardy and John Granger, along with Dave Kale, as we discuss the new Deathly Hallows part 2 DVD with extra features in a live podcast on Middle Earth Radio!

Guest Post: Hippogriffs, Epic Fantasy and Warrior Maidens

Today’s guest post — which comes with a wonderfully generous offer — is by long-time HogPro All-Pro and author of Quest of the Warrior Maid: A Romeo and Joan of Arc Love Story, Linda C. McCabe, aka ‘Pallas Athena.’ As she explains in her post, we have been corresponding since 2003; I am happily obliged to add that she ‘took me to school’ about the Hogwarts Saga and the world of Harry Potter fandom, a world in which more than once she has had my back in discussions with those wanting to run a virtual sword through me. I remain a grateful student, reader of her blog, and I love her book, which I hope Potter-philes will read alongside the original Orlando epics. Without further ado, then, I give you Linda McCabe!

John Granger is graciously allowing me a guest post to tell his HogPro readership about my debut novel, Quest of the Warrior Maid, and how it relates to the Harry Potter series.

The inspiration for my novel is directly related to my participation in the online Harry Potter fandom.  I spent several years re-reading and studying the series.  I formulated theories and shared them online with other likewise obsessed fans.  I wrote some fanfiction fleshing out my wacky theories as to where I thought things might go in the fifth year.  It was after that was completed that I wrote a post on the Harry Potter for Grown Ups list serv that dealt with shipping.  I thought it was a good post, so did others and I was asked for my permission to have my words quoted on another HP centered site. I started reading that board and began posting there as well.  That is what drew me into the shipping debates.

Yup, I was a shipper.

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