More ‘Harry Potter’s Bookshelf’ Reviews

It has been three weeks now since Penguin/Berkley published Harry Potter’s Bookshelf: The Great Books Behind the Hogwarts Adventures and the reviews have been wonderfully kind and generous. Here are three of the most interesting, from HogPro All Pro Dr. Amy H. Sturgis, from a librarian/teacher named ‘Befus’ at epinions, and from Steve Vander Ark, the Lexicon Guy: [Read more…]

Harry Potter’s Bookshelf: Excerpt Online

Hey, I made the University of Chicago alumni magazine!

They ran a longish excerpt from Harry Potter’s Bookshelf and an article about my life as a Potter Pundit and Great Books Exponent. If either of those subjects interests you, please enjoy Harry Potter and the Ivory Tower: A Potter scholar puts J. K. Rowling’s series on a shelf with Stoker, Chaucer, Austen, and other Great Books authors.

Azkatraz 2009: Blast on the Bay!

I’m speaking tonight at the New York Public Library tonight (6:30 pm, 455 Fifth Avenue, across the street from the Lions) on Harry Potter’s Bookshelf: The Great Books Behind the Hogwarts Adventures. I hope to see you there!

If you cannot come to that, please enjoy the photos below and at Flickr as well as stories about Azkatraz 2009, and here, and here, and here, HPEF’s biggest and best Potter con yet. More tomorrow! [Read more…]

‘Harry Potter and the Pint of Liquid Courage’

The Health writer at the New York Times this morning decided that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince sends the wrong message about alcohol use to teens. In an article titled Harry Potter and the Pint of Liquid Courage she details the dangerous example the terrible trio and friends give the youth of our planet.

As you might expect, said reporter has her head handed to her by a variety of readers in a flood of responses here. Refreshing and bracing, that.

Some of these are great — especially the one detailing the hundreds of scenes in Disney films of drunkenness that the reviewer conveniently forgot. But in all those responses, though, nowhere does a reader remark on two things that were my first thoughts: [Read more…]

Reviews of ‘Harry Potter’s Bookshelf’

Harry Potter’s Bookshelf has been out for a week now and there are 8 reviews up on its page. They are all five star recommendations and all are very generous in their praise. Here are four, just in case you’re still on the fence about buying a copy: [Read more…]