Welcome to the Capitol! New Hunger Games Website with Pottermore echoes

You may have noticed, in the recently released micro-clip trailer for next year’s film of The Hunger Games, a little blip about registering as a citizen of the Capitol. Well now, you can do just that. This new site, which looks to be mostly teaser at this point, gives you the opportunity to register via either twitter or facebook (I went with the latter, myself). Then you will be registered according to your district (which is chosen for you;). Evidently, more bells and whistles will be forthcoming. For some more thoughts on the new site, particularly what it gives us that we didn’t already know, follow me after the jump. [Read more…]

What do they teach them in these schools? College courses in Harry Potter and Reading Selections we Actually Enjoy

Last week, I worked late registration at my college, helping students as they tried to get everything sorted out for their semester. Although I think our classes are plenty fun, some of the larger institutions obviously are way ahead of the game with classes that, at least in title, connect to Harry Potter. Even in non-Harry-themed courses in colleges, universities, high schools, junior high, and elementary schools across the country, students this fall will be reading some of the books we discuss here. In my own Expository Writing classes, my students will be reading The Hunger Games, which I began implementing a year ago. Join me after the jump to see a list of Fifteen Fascinating College Course for the Ultimate Potter Scholar (as posted on the Best Colleges Online website) and for some conversation about the books teachers are assigning this fall. [Read more…]

Mellark Bakery Pictures and A Hunger Games Talk in Boone

The intrepid Amy Sturgis has sent along this great image of the Mellark family bakery, formerly known as the old store in the abandoned Henry River Mill Town, which was recently transformed into District 12 (the location filming, which is just with the primaries right now, has moved on). You can see the store’s original appearance here along with the rest of the site here. Obviously, only a little had to be done to make this place into a reasonable facsimile of the most benighted District in Panem, since there is plenty of District 12 to go around in Appalachia, as we’ve mentioned here before. That connection, along with some of our other favorite discussion points, will doubtless be part of our riveting conversation this Tuesday, June 28 (yes, it’s intentionally on Tuesday, the day on the which the Reaping and the first day of the Games occur!) at the Watauga County Library in Boone, NC. I’ll be leading the program, which  is free and begins at 6 pm.

Thanks for the pic, Amy!

Hogwarts Professor Visits Site of 1863 Hunger Games

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Gettysburg, PA, with my husband, Michael C. Hardy, who is a Civil War historian and author and had a book signing there.

While there, we visited several battlefields in addition to numerous sites on the most famous and most visited battlefield in the United States, including this, the so-called “Devil’s Den.” What on earth, you may ask, does that have to do with our conversation here? Actually, quite a bit. Join me after the jump to see why the event whose 150th anniversaries kick off this year is, in many respects, our very own Hunger Games, and I’m standing here in the arena.

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Hunger Games Movie News: Entertainment Weekly Article, Filming Starts Here in NC, and We Have a Cinna

Last week, we posted on the Entertainment Weekly cover that gave us our first peek at Jennifer Lawrence. This week, we’ll poke around in that article to see how the Game is being played, on multiple levels. We also have an update on the filming taking place just down the road from this Professor’s office. And, of course, we have some thoughts on the casting news this week, in particular the announcement that Cinna will be played by musician and actor Lenny Kravitz. Let’s face it, if we have any more exciting announcements in this post, we need trumpets, and I’m changing my name to Claudius Templesmith. [Read more…]