Merry Christmas! HogwartsProfessor 2012 Year in Review

To all of you who celebrate the feasts of the Christian faith according to the calendar of the Orthodox Church and the Ecumenical Councils, I wish you a merry first day of Christmas! The Grangers are just home from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and the St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church there , where we celebrated the Feast of the Nativity, and now we can begin our end of year review in preparation for civil New Year’s resolutions come January (fyi, the liturgical New Year is 1 September and the traditional New Year for the UK and her former colonies is Lady Day or Annunciation).

Our Christmas tree is up and lit, which mystifies the neighbors I’m sure, and I have scrolled through all the posts that the staff here and guest lecturers have put up in the last twelve months to find the real ‘keepers.’ Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Casual Vacancy, Divergent, Twilight, you name it — it’s quite the wide ranging collection. After the jump, you’ll find this Greatest Hits list organized by category and author. Please let me know your favorites, especially if it’s not listed, and what you’d like to discuss in 2013!

Harry Potter

Psychological Types in Harry Potter, Hunger Games

Good Friday Mailbag: A Trip to King’s Cross with Harry

Daring (?) Fan Fiction: ‘In Defence of the Dark Arts’

J. K. Rowling: ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ BBC4

The Defining Center of Harry Potter: November 22nd?

Divergent Trilogy

The Divergent Trilogy: Harry Potter Meets Beatrice Prior

The Divergent Trilogy: Twilight, MarySue, and Tris Prior

The Divergent Trilogy: Katniss Everdeen, Meet Tris Prior!

Meeting Veronica Roth: An Ascendio 2012 Highlight

Louise Freeman on Divergent

A Dip in the OCEAN: Divergent Factions and the Big Five Personality Factors.

A Dip in the OCEAN II: Double Dipping Dauntless: Can the neurotic be brave?

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: How mirror neurons are reflected in Tris.

Casual Vacancy

New Rowling Novel to be Published by Little, Brown

Little, Brown: Title, Pub Date, Synopsis of New JKR Novel

Casual Vacancy: A Month Until ‘The New Rowling’

Casual Vacancy Foreplay: The Pre-Publication Interviews

Vacancy First Reviews: “From Potter to Potty-Mouth”

Vacancy Day of Publication: Rowling Newsletter, YouTube

J. K. Rowling on Casual Vacancy with ABC, Guardian

J. K. Rowling on Casual Vacancy at Southbank Centre

The HogPro Casual Vacancy posts —

1. The Harry Potter Echoes

2. MuggleMarch or A Modern Moonacre Manor

3. Potter to Potty-Mouth: The Profanity by the Numbers

4. Literary Narcissism or The Art of the Psychic Realm

5. Barry Fairbrother and the Political Parable

6. Literary Alchemy: The Conjunction of Sex and Death

7. The Seven Part Ring Composition

8. Andrew and Gaia: Fallen Man and the Natural World?

9. Andrew and Stuart: Doppelganger, Ouroboros, or Diptych?

10. The JayZ song  ‘Umbrella’

11. Religion: Christian Hypocrites and Sympathetic Sikhs

12. Authenticity and Hypocrisy:’Penetration,’ Suffering, and the Birth of Consciousness

Post First Week Round-up:

13. Christianity Today: ‘Profoundly Biblical Worldview’

14. Notable Reviews, High and Low

15.  Guest Post: A Telling Re-Take of ‘The Good Samaritan’?

J. K. Rowling as Ungrateful Liberal Wretch: The Anti-PC View

Casual Vacancy 16: Chaya Golan on “What is Real?”

Hunger Games

The 2010 Lev Grossman ‘Mockingjay’ Interview that Wasn’t

Katniss Everdeen Actress: “The Outfit That Saved My Life”

Another ‘Hunger Games’ Media Contact: 14 Questions For You

Literary Alchemy and The Hunger Games: Three Podcasts

Another Multi-Question Hunger Games Interview: Join Me!

Letter from a Friend: What Does Suzanne Collins Believe?

LA Times: Is Jennifer Lawrence A Real Life Katniss Everdeen?

Gamesmakers Hijack Story: Capitol Wins Hunger Games Again

Katniss vs. Anti-Culture: ‘Why the Hunger Games Resonates’

Holy Friday and Death of Rue: Beflowered Shroud of Christ

Hunger Games: Is A Capitol-Districts Economy Possible?

N. D. Wilson: Why Hunger Games Is Flawed To Its Core


Oxford Entrance Question: What do you think of ‘Twilight’?

Twilight as Literature: Is Alice a Mary Sue; Meyer and Keats?

Guest Post: Twilight, Chastity, and Kristen Stewart

Sharon Slade Jackson: The Final Meadow Scene of ‘Breaking Dawn 2′ Departs From and Resonates With Last Book’s Ending

Talks I’ve given, Conferences we’ve attended:

2012 Potter Conferences: An Unprecedented Menu of Options

Hunger Games Talk Tonight at Full Circle Books

‘Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Book 1, Sorcerer’s Stone’

St Andrews

St. Andrews: The Conference at Scotland’s Oldest University

The Inside Story of the St. Andrews Harry Potter Conference: Ten Questions with John Patrick Pazdziora, School of English

St. Andrews Conference: The Literary Legitimacy Controversy

Ascendio 2012

HPEF’s Ascendio 2012: The Glorious End of the Beginning


Leaky Con 2012 Spectacular: Potter Fandom Not Dead Yet!

Chicago Tribune ‘Printer’s Row’ Preview of ‘Casual Vacancy’: Searching for Signs of a Maturing Potter Fandom at LeakyCon

Elizabeth Baird Hardy’s Posts:

Lionsgate Hunger Games Film A Satisfactory Movie Experience; Cinema Treatment Leaves Serious Readers Hungry for More

Breaking Down the New Breaking Dawn 2 Trailer

The Hunger Games–Some Folks still just don’t get it

The Break Down on Breaking Dawn Part 2: Best of Series

Guest Posts

Theophany Sermon: Stags As Serpent Killers

Guest Post: You Know You’re Really an Adult Harry Potter Fan

“Who Saved Draco’s Soul?” Co-Inherence in Harry Potter

Guest Post: A Passover Reading of Catching Fire’s Quell

Guest Post: Your ‘Catching Fire’ Director’s Cut, Please!

Guest Post: ‘The Avengers’ Movie — What Did You See?

Letter from a Reader: ‘How Harry Potter Changed My Life’

Guest Post:The Power of Words and Story on a Young Mind

Guest Post: Harry Potter and C. S. Lewis’ Four Loves

Catching Fire: A Speculative Screenplay

Guest Post: ‘A New Map of Panem’ by Mark Windsor

Guest Post: ‘Treasure Island’ as Ring Composition?

MuggleNet Academia Interviews

Welcome to MuggleNet Friends!

MuggleNet Academia 1: ‘Getting Serious with Series’ Literature, Conversation with Professor Suzanne Keen about Book Sets

Second MuggleNet Academia Show Features Our Headmaster and Edmund Kern

MuggleNet Academia 3: ‘Parseltongue, Gobbledegook, and Troll: On the Difficulties of Translating Harry Potter’

MuggleNet Academia: ‘The Law and Harry Potter’

MuggleNet Academia:  Whodunit? Harry Potter — In the Great Hall — With a Wand!

MuggleNet Academia: Folktale Structure and Potter Mania

MuggleNet Academia: Amy H. Sturgis and John Mark Reynolds

MuggleNet Academia 11: Psychology and Harry Potter

MuggleNet Academia 12: House-Elves — and House-Wives!

MuggleNet Academia 13: Political Science & the Hogwarts Saga!

MuggleNet Academia 14: Harry Potter For Nerds!

MuggleNet Academia 15: Harry Potter and Philosophy

MuggleNet Academia 16: Lev Grossman Talks Harry Potter

‘Ten Question’ Interviews

10 Questions for Gary Gregg, Author of the Remnant Chronicles

HogPro Interview with T. M. Doran, Author of ‘Terrapin’

Literary Criticism

‘The Mother Who Lived’: Reflections on Reader Response

‘The Writer’s Job’ in The New York Review of Books A Hogwarts Professor Conversation About the Literary Machine

Letter to a Friend: Coleridge Through Newman to Tolkien?

Are ‘The Hunger Games’ Books ‘Young Adult’ Literature?

The Cross in Chiasmus and Ring Composition: Some Notes

Alchemy & Literature, Alchemy of Literature, Literary Alchemy

Ray Bradbury: Requiescat In Pace (Live Forever!)

Malcolm Guite: C. S. Lewis and the Imagination

Rings in the Dock: C. S. Lewis and the ‘Meaning in the Middle’

BBC’s Inspector Lewis: Is Fantasy Literature Perverse?

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