Rowling Speaks at London Premiere of Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore

Yesterday was the World Premier for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore in London. The event was ‘live streamed’ for fans worldwide here, and like many adoring fans I tuned in at 17:30 British Summer Time, wondering if J. K. Rowling would make an appearance.

No appearance on the live stream, but twitter was awash with photographs of her there and it quickly became apparent that she was interviewed (briefly) and entered the theatre before the official live stream started. Fortunately enough, ODE entertainment managed to capture the interview, which I have included below.

Two key take outs for me: Covid forced a change in location, which may explain the move from the intended Brazil setting, and Rowling is excited to show the manticores.


The Rowling Headers – in Context

I’m very please with the list of headers to J. K. Rowling’s twitter account we have assembled, but there are still many that haven’t yet been identified. There are also many that while we have identified them, we haven’t yet got a good explanation of the meaning of the image. In an attempt to foster further investigation and comment, I present an analysis of what Rowling has admitted to be currently working on when the headers were live.


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Strike Season 5 Filming Now

Brontë Film and Television, J. K. Rowling’s own television production company has started filming for Troubled Blood. Filming has completed in Skegness. On location work in St Mawes and Falmouth will be completed next week.


The weather for filming in St Mawes turned suitably inclement at times, if not quite to the same level as the storms of 2014.

To follow the filming, and to see some spectacular photography, you can follow twitter account here.

No definitive news on a release date yet, but it likely to air first on the BBC late 2022 or early 2023.

Rowling and Rugby

Wales is my adopted home, and it’s national sport is Rugby, so I was pleased to discover that J. K. Rowling was a fan. I first started playing rugby as a 10 year old for my local town, and I have since supported the national sides (both England and Wales) and the county of Cornwall. Rowling started watching and supporting her national side of Scotland after she married her husband Dr. Neil Murray.

“It’s not until I married a Scot that I was taken, not entirely willingly, to the rugby. And then I accidentally ended up enjoying the rugby. So there is hope for you. You can definitely convert.”

J. K. Rowling on Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio4, 28th April 2014

To find out more about Rowling and Rugby, join me after the jump.

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World Book Day (in the UK and Ireland)

World Book Day (as observed in the UK and Ireland) is an oddity, like the World Series, in that the event is clearly not world wide. The aim of the Day is to foster a love of reading within children and raise money for Book Aid International. The most visible effect of this local-world event, outside the UK, to J. K. Rowling fans are the endless photographs on social media of tiny witches, wizards, house elves, and now Ickabogs and Pigs. To find more about the history and impact of this annual event within Britain, join me after the jump. [Read more…]